So Much Going On

Hi Grade 5/6E children,

There seems to be so much going on at the moment and lots of things that I need to remind you about so I have decided to group them all together in this special post!

1. School Priday Day is coming up on Friday the 24th of May. It is our chance to beautify the school before our 150th Celebrations. Please bring gloves and small hand tools on the day if you have them.

2. 150th Celebrations are taking place on Friday the 31st of May. We will be holding a Walk through Time day where people will be able to come and visit the school. The decade the Grade 5/6’s are focusing on is the 1910’s. Do you have any ideas on what we could do to showcase this period. If so leave a comment.

3. There is a new email from Grace on the Where is Grace? page.Don’t forget to also check whether she has replied to your comments.

4. The Music blog has been updated and you can access it from our list of links. Please visit this blog and watch the video on the Grade 5/6 page.

5. Grade 5 children it is nearly NAPLAN time. If you have your netbook at home over the weekend there are two Practise tests scheduled for you to complete on Mathletics.

6. Your typed up piece about Energy is now overdue and needs to be typed up at home. Don’t forget that you need to include 3 pictures and it must have a header or a footer with your name and grade.

13 thoughts on “So Much Going On

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I had a couple of ideas for the 1910’s. We could do what the grades 2’s are doing and that’s to dress up in what they wore in the 1910’s. But I guess that we should do something a little bit different. So maybe we could borrow the grade 4 kitchen garden kitchen for the day and make food they use to eat in the 1910’s. We could also get some pictures of our classroom now and get some pictures of it in the 1910’s. There are millions of different ideas but they are just a couple of ideas I thought of.
    Regards Tia.

    • Dear Tia
      Thank you for your fantatstic ideas in regards to our Walk through Time day. After listening to Mrs Lawless this afternoon it sounds like we will be dressing up. I think I’m going to need to do some research about what the clothing was like at that time! I like your idea about food from the period we are doing. Maybe we need to have a think about how we could incorporate that into our day? It might be easier to have some children make things at home and bring them in to share with the class, what do you think? Comparisons of then and now are always a good idea too. I’d like us to have our Soldier’s letters finished by then so we can use them as part of our display.
      Thanks again for your thoughtful ideas.
      Miss Hunichen

      • Hi all you Gallow-maniacs, hope you saw my video. Have a happy 150th birthday…that’s a mighty lot of candles to blow out! Remember you can never get enough GOLD, so come on you GALLOWAAAYYYYY!
        Galloway Man
        PS Mr Ward is teaching year 5 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for another 6 weeks, then flying to Sri Lanka and India before returning to Australia. Gee I hope his arms don’t get too tired from all that flying!!!LOL

  2. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I had another idea that we could make a 1910- 1920 timeline set-up in the classroom because during that time we had World War 1 and since we did lots on the war we could showcase some of our work. We could also do something with the topics that we got to pick yesterday. But I am not sure what to do with them?
    See you later today,
    Regards Tia.

    • Hi Tia
      We will be working on a timeline as you’re right, there were lots of important events during our time period. I thought we may have been able to include our work on Quetta but that was in 1890 so a little bit before our time period. We will be doing something with the topics we chose the other day. At this stage I’m thinking posters and things like that. We will be showcasing our soldiers letters so I’m hoping to have those finished by the end of this week.
      Hope you are having a great weekend.
      Miss Hunichen

    • Hi Milly
      It’s so nice to receive a comment on the blog from you!! I miss having you in my grade but I’m lucky enough to have your sister. Maybe I’ll get to teach you again when you’re in Grade 5 or 6.
      The Grade 5/6 children are studying the 1910 to 1920 time period. I’m not sure about my costume yet though. Mrs McConville was telling me today that back in those days girls didn’t show their ankles so I’m going to need to get a long dress or skirt I think. What time period are the Grade 2’s looking at? Have you decided what you are going to dress up in?
      The Grade 5’s did very well in their Naplan testing and I am very very proud of all of them. We will have to wait quite a while for resluts thought but I’m sure they all remembered to do their very best.
      What have you been learning about in Grade 2? Did you have Mrs Hollands filling in the other day? I miss working with Mrs Hollands very much, Tia might have told you that we visited Mrs Hollands grade on Friday and made Vokis. It was great fun.
      Miss Hunichen

  3. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    The Grade 2’s are doing the 1860’s. I am wearing a spotty long skirt,a black t-shirt,a straw hat and black boots.
    We have been learning about weather,every night
    Miss Dent gives us a question. The 1st gets 30 table points,the 2nd gets 20 points, and the 3rd gets 10 points.
    On a Wednesday a couple of weeks ago on our science day
    she came in [she wasn’t that good at science].
    From Milly

  4. Hi Miss Hunichen I was doing some research and my silly netbook kept coming up with the wrong thing and then I found out that in our time period there was the sighting of Halley’s Comet and the first Oreo cookie was first introduced and the Mona Lisa got stolen! This all came from this really good timeline for the current events group and maybe one of the others. The address is
    The only problem is that the website had nothing to help me.
    From Ebony

  5. hi Miss Hunichen,
    I was looking on the website Ebony found and I found it very useful because I found 4 things that happend in 1915. the things that I found were: •Armenian Genocide
    •D.W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation Released
    •Germans Use Poison Gas as a Weapon
    •Lusitania Sunk by German U-Boat
    •Second Battle of Ypres
    from Indiah

  6. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    Today Ewa and I had sooooooooooooooooo much fun for the 150th celebration. It was good to see everyone dressed up in their era. The preps looked fantastic but hilarious in their robot costume. You looked great too Miss Hunichen!!! We had a fantastic day and we hope everyone else did too.
    From Tia and Ewa.

  7. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    On friday as we all know was the schools 150th celebration everyone looked fantastic and so did our memories posters and 1910 to 1920 posters. All the soilders letters where great toand the art mural looked awesome! the assembly was good, there was lots to hear like Peter Hirst having a speech, and being able to see 107 year old! reveal of the the thing that will go on the rock in front of that tree. I hope everyone had such a great time for the celebration.
    From Ewa

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