Birthday Wishes

New Gisborne Primary School is celebrating its 150th burthday this week. We have been lucky enough to receive some birthday wishes from some very special people. Have a look at the videos below. Make sure you have your parents permission first though as they are from Youtube.

Hi all you Gallow-maniacs, hope you saw my video. Have a happy 150th birthday…that’s a mighty lot of candles to blow out! Remember you can never get enough GOLD, so come on you GALLOWAAAYYYYY!

Signed Galloway Man

PS Mr Ward is teaching year 5 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for another 6 weeks, then flying to Sri Lanka and India before returning to Australia. Gee I hope his arms don’t get too tired from all that flying!!!LOL

One thought on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Dear miss Hunichen
    I think that it was a good idea for Galloway man and mrs ward to do a video for us as I think that they should be able to enjoy what we are celebrating as well. I also think that it was good because they are communicating with us as we can’t talk to them from here.


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