Over the last few weeks we have been discussing renewable and non renewable enerhy sources. We were able to list sources under each heading quite easily. However, this week we have been researching some of the renewable sources in greater depth. We have been learning a lot and so has Miss Hunichen.

Our task is to create a poster that shows our understanding of 4 renewable sources and 4 non renewable sources.

We need to think about the following when we are researching:

1. What is it?

2. How is it used?

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The following websites may help you with your research:

Let me know if you find any other websites that you think would be useful

3 thoughts on “Energy

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    Energy sounds really interesting.
    I don’t really understand it though.
    What is the difference between non renewable energy, and renewable energy.
    From Milly

  2. Dera miss Hunichen
    I have had fun this term learning about renewable and non renewable energy. I have found some of the task like making the energy poster a little difficult because I have had trouble finding all the information that I need for it. I have also learnt that there are more energy sources like geothermal and biomass which I had never new about. I also found out how wind turbines and the sun all work to make the power that we need today. I have had fun learning energy and hope that the gold topic that we are going to do next term will be just as fun or event better.

  3. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    The energy unit we did last term was an intriguing topic. I found it very interesting learning about different energy sources and how various sources of energy get produced.
    I found the poster really easy as the Renewable energy summaries we wrote in class were helpful especially the summary sheets. When I wrote the Non-Renewable summaries at home the structure became very useful and I ended up having wonderful summaries.
    I didn’t really use the websites on the blog. Instead I used the reading pages that we used during class and whatever website I found that had worthy information to help me with my summary.
    I really enjoyed this topic and I’m still puzzled why because I usually am not interested in topics like this. Hope the gold unit will be interesting because if it isn’t I’ll be that annoying child moaning at the back of the class, and I’m sure you don’t want that! Na. I’m pretty sure that the gold unit will be lots better than the energy unit!
    From Jessica N.

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