Being a good friend

Today in class we will be discussing the things a good friend should do and the qualities that we would like our friends to have.

The following websites will provide you with some great ideas:

After discussing the qualities of a true friend we will be making a comic strip depicting a quality of a good friend. Your scene may depict honesty, loyalty or understanding. You may also choose one of your own.

What did you think of this website? 

Can you explain what your comic strip was depicting?

One thought on “Being a good friend

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    Being a good friend is an important attitude in everyone’s life and if you’re not a good friend it can alter your attitudes and opinions. Looking at the descriptions of how we want our friends to be was provocative because I realised that I’m not exactly a good friend.
    Making a comic strip about being a good friend really made me think about the things that you would do for your friends without them asking you to do it for them. It’s kind of like being proactive. It also made me think about helping my friends during hard times and I find that I don’t tend to do that.
    The website was good but was really vexatious at the same time because not everything worked properly and trying to figure it out took a while and I found that irritating. The website got me aggravated! I don’t like being aggravated!
    My comic strip was about a girl and her costume getting ripped and the girl was really upset so her friend gets all these different costumes for her and doesn’t give up on her until she finds the right costume. So basically it is about not giving up on your friends until the problem is fixed, even through hard times. I believe that this attitude is an important disposition to have as it will help you to become a better friend.
    Overall this activity was an eye opener to me as I’m not living up to these imperative beliefs which makes me a not so good friend.
    From Jessica N.

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