The Whole Hird

Guest Post by Macklan

Lately in the news there has been one main story that has stood out over the others, that is the Essendon drug scandal. The case has recently been closed after an agreement from the AFL, demanding a two million dollar fine to the club, the bombers out of the finals for 2013 and the coach James Hird suspended from coaching for 12 months. This all started in April when the club doctor Stephen Dank also known as ‘the weapon’ supposedly injected the players with a drug unknown until the last months of the scandal.

Many people believe that the penalty is not harsh enough even some of the fans. Hird has spoken out and have told all the supporters to stick behind the club and that  this is not the end of the Essendon Football Club.

What do you think about this scandal?

Is the penalty hard enough?      

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