Athletics Day

Guest Post by Abbey

On the 15th of August the lucky people who made it into the inter school sports travelled by bus to Keilor Athletics Track. Our aim was to try and beat all of the other schools competing in our track or field events. Arriving at the sloshy squishy mud area where we had to sit to wait for our event, everyone was practicing for their event if they could. Almost everyone had nervous butterflies in their stomachs as their event crept closer and closer.  People were starting to feel unwell when they had to go to the starting line and unfortunately there were some injuries as children either fell over while running or landed on the bar in high jump.  Lots of people made it into the top 4 and if you were lucky enough and you came first or second in your event then you would make it into the next round. It was a fantastic day and we would like to thank Mr Goodyear for organising it and spending time training us before the day.

How did you go in your events if you participated?

Did you enjoy the day?  Why or why not?

If you didn’t participate, what is your favourite athletics event and why?