5/6E to the Goldfields

Guest Post by Jess. S

The whole of the grade 5-6’s have been working on the integrated topic called Gold.  We’ve been working all day and night to produce an excellent presentation into each and every one of our gold pages.  Our Gold Books are a great way to present all of our knowledge of gold and to show off our presentation skills.

All the way back in the 1850’s, there were gold miners that were traveling to Australia to discover gold. Some were lucky with their fortunes, some others weren’t. You know Melbourne? It used to be called Smelbourne! That was the cities nickname because of how smelly, polluted, dusty and dirty the whole of Melbourne was.  It was a very dangerous place Australia was, cruel and crowded everywhere you look.

Are you inspired? If you are interested in Gold, you might like to visit http://www.sbs.com.au/gold  for more information.

It would be great if you could reply to this with a dot point or two of information you’ve found out.  The story is told by flicking through the slideshow down below:

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