Meet Rosa and her family

Guest Post by Tia

Since the start of term 3, 5/6E has been reading a class book call A ‘Banner Bold’.  It is an Australian Story book based in the 1850’s.  It is about a girl named Rosa who travels to Australia with her family during the gold rush.  As part of a task to do with the book we got handed a sheet with Sociograms on it.  A sociogram is a type of diagram that can display a number of things, we used it to display relationships between characters.

In our last book (The Greatest Blogger in the World) we did a lot of predicting then seeing if we have proved or disproved our prediction.  To see some fantastic examples of Sociograms and Predictions, click on the links below.

Examples of predictions

Why is Mr Legg at TFC?

I think Mr Legg is at TFC to talk to Charlies mum and is going to say that Charlie has been encouraging preps to do the wrong things and talk back to teachers.

Mr Legg was at the TFC because he goes there every afternoon to pick up his wife from work.

What do you think of our Sociograms?

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