The Wonderful World of Drama

Guest post by Ewa

Artist in Schools was a fun exiting time when we did Drama. On the first day we had a person called Stevie we played a fun game called bus stop. We had two people pretending they were at the bus stop and one person tried to get the other off the seat. The next week we had a lady called Sage we played a really fun game called twitch. In this game you had to have a tennis ball thrown at you and you had to catch it. If she pretends to throw it at you and you twitch you are out. We also played a game to do with our voice it was called yes and e.g. hey do you want to come to my party? Yes and can I bring my dog? Yes and then we can go to the park. It keeps repeating until someone doesn’t start with yes and.

What was your favourite game we played? 

Who was your favourite teacher and why?

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