Greek Word Roots

After being given a homework sheet earlier in the week that focussed on Greek word history we discovered that needed to look at this in more detail. So today in class we investigated Greek word roots.

We started off by looking at Greek number prefixes such as ‘mono’, ‘bi’ and ‘tri’. We have managed to come up with the following list so far:

Mono – monobrow, monorail

Bi – biathlon, bicycle, bicentennary, biplane, bicentennial

Tri – triceratops, tripod, triathlon, tricycle, triplets, trifle, triplane, triangle, triple, tricorn

Your task is to try and find other words that fit these categories. Don’t forget, mono means one, bi means two and tri means three. Your words need to have something to do with these numbers.

The following website may be useful:

And you might like to try this game:

Can you think of any other Greek root words?