Government Projects

This week children have been broken up into small groups to explore and become experts on each of the levels of government.

Local Government is being explored by: Darcy, Lachie and Kye, Baillie, Alex and Jack and Tia, Indiah and Kye

State Government is being explored by: Abbey, Jess N, Ali and Zoe and Grace, Bonnie and Jess S

Federal Government is being explored by: James, Sebi and George, Caedon, Macklan and Josh and Sasha, Ebony and Ewa

Here are some websites that you may find useful: – This sites gives a simple run down on each level – Another site that details the responsibility of each government – A website for those looking at State Government – A website for those looking at Federal Government – A helpful website if you are exploring Local Government – Make sure you look around the My Government tab of this website, ask if you need help – The home page is good for local government, however this link is helpful for those doing State and Federal Government – This website gives a list of Local Governments – This is a very helpful website. Clicking on the Assignment Assistant will lead you to some excellent information

Do you have any other websites that will be helpful for our projects?

If so please post them as a comment