What is a precept?

Throughout the book Wonder Auggie’s English teacher, Mr Browne, introduces the children to a new precept each month. “What is a precept?” I hear you ask. Well the children in Auggie’s class weren’t that sure to begin with either. In the chapter ‘Choose Kind’ he wrote on the board that a precept was a rule about really important things and that they made us think about what kind of person we were.

September precept: When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind.

The following website has been inspired by the precept above: http://choosekind.tumblr.com/.Just one act of kindness can make an impact. Join the national movement to Choose Kind, inspired by R.J. Palacio’s debut novel, WONDER. How have you made a difference this year?

October Precept: Your deeds are your monuments

Thank you to the Hillcrestdiv5 blog for the above image. You can visit the post on their blog at http://hillcrestdiv5.weebly.com/div-5-reflects.html. Hopefully the brainstorm helps you when you are thinking about the meaning of the October precept.

What do these two precepts mean to you?

Can you think of an act of kindness where you have made an impact on someone else?

Please keep identities of other children in your comment anonymous 

5 thoughts on “What is a precept?

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    These are my opinions about the two precepts.
    When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind: I don’t agree with this precept. Firstly I love being right because that means you out smarted someone and that doesn’t happen often to me. Secondly being right is basically being kind because if you are right that means you are doing the right thing which is kind. Lastly being right has never been wrong.
    Your deeds are monuments: What this precept means to me is that you can’t turn back time and that it will stay there until you break it. Statues are solid and can be broken just like a bad action that you may commit, but statues can show achievement as well that can stay forever.
    I really can’t think of any instances where I have done an act of kindness were I haven’t cared but the other person did. When you do kind acts then they’re expected of you anyway so it’s not a big deal.
    From Jessica.

  2. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I agree with the first precept because if your kind you’re doing the right thing which is doing 2 in 1. If your kind it’s something you’ll remember but if you’re right it’s something you won’t always remember as much. To be kind it makes you feel good on the inside. But after Miss Hunichen reading us some examples from others I guess it depends on the situation because at times you might be leading yourself in the wrong direction when being kind. For example; if you had a friend that was going through a hard time you would probably want to be kind to do the right thing. But you could be leading yourself in the wrong direction as I said earlier.

    I also agree with the second precept because your deeds are your actions and when you do an important action you pretend that a statue is built to remember that event and the statue will be there forever. For example; if I were to shoot the winning goal of a netball Grand Final. After the game someone builds a statue. That statue will be there forever. In other words your important deeds will be remembered forever.
    Hope you had a fantastic weekend!!

  3. I think the first precept means that if you are in a situation where you have the choice between right and kind that you don’t always have to be right and that kind can sometimes the best option, depending on the situation
    For the second one I think it means what ever you do you leave a print behind and that’s how people will remember you like if you stuff up you can’t undo the moment and fix it up everyone that was there will remember it same as if you do something good.

    Something nice that I did once ( yesterday) in the shops an old lady dropped her onion and she was in one of those walker things so I could she was struggling so I picked it up for her, and a friend and I gave a guy his dog that had got of his lead back after it ran away.
    Sorry if the comment wasn’t supposed to be set out like that and was supposed to be 2 seperet comments:)
    From Ebony

  4. For choose kind, I was talking in the car with mum and she that I can sometimes get a bit nasty when trying to be to right.

  5. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    The first precept we looked at about being kind i disagree with because being right is awesome and means that you’ve outsmarted someone,and also if your right you can be right in a nice way and say it nicley so you can be right and kind at the same time. But i think the precept is trying to say that being right all the time you can loose all your friends.

    The second precept we thought about mean that if you do something wrong or right it will stay with you forever until you solved whatever happened, it’s sort of like the first precept because when you do something bad just to be right you may think you can just forget about it but you’re friends could remeber it forever.

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