Should kids be able to bet on the Melbourne Cup?

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about gambling. This begun after a discussion based around whether kids should be able to bet on the Melbourne Cup. Since then we have looked at why people may begin to gamble, advertising slogans related to gambling as well as facts and figures about gambling.

Today we looked at four different pieces of media that were all to do with gambling. We looked at two newspaper articles and two short videos. You can view these below:

Gambling Articles

Should kids bet on the cup

KidBet or alternatively you can visit the website at

Please take the time to view these resources and discuss them with your parents.

After all of the discussions we have had and after looking at all media based around gambling, what do you think?

Typhoon Haiyan

On Friday the 22nd of November the children of New Gisborne Primary School came dressed in their casual clothes and were armed with tins of food, medical supplies, sleeping bags and clothing. We are doing all we can to raise money and collect donations to send over to the Philippines after the devastating effects of Typhoon Haiyan.

We used the following websites to gain a better understanding of this horrific disaster.

Behin the News report by 11 year old Pablo –

Leave your messages of support here –

See before and after pictures here –

Appeal groups –

Use the links on the side of this page –

Have you done anything else to help the people of the Philippines?

Do you have any other websites that would be useful?

How did you feel after looking at the news clip and photos?

Songs from Wonder

The book is broken up into eight parts each told by a different character. The cover page for each part contains a few lines from a song. Below are the songs that appear on August’s, Via’s and Summer’s cover page. Have a look at these two videos at home and start thinking about why they are relevant. You have been given a copy of the lyrics in class.

August – Natalie Merchant’s Wonder Lyrics Video

Via – David Bowie’s Space Oddity Lyrics

Summer – Beautiful by Christina Aguilera (This is a Youtube video so you must have mum or dads permission to watch)

What do you think these songs mean?

What relevance do you think each song has to the character on the cover page? 

Kanga Cricket

The excited voices of everyone on the bus as we pull up to Dixon field for a day of kanga cricket. As we all started to practice for our games we had to get a really boring speech on how to play and score even though we already knew how to do it. All teams played three rounds of cricket and if you were lucky enough to win your three you would go on to the final. Only one of the New Gisborne Primary School teams went on to the final and that was Team 3. The captains of the team that went on to the final were Jessica. N, Sarah.B and Ksenija.G. As we had time to eat our lunch before we found out who was going to go on to the final the Macarena came on, it was just like a dance mob and everyone was screaming and laughing with happiness.Team 3 made it into the final against Holy Cross’s A team. The NGPS team lost by a total of 69 runs and we were all very disappointed for them.

By Abbey

The grade 6’s went to Dixon field to play Kanga cricket on the 31st of October. There was a boys and girls team. Some had brought IPods, Phones and cameras, but we had to keep them in our bags. It was cold at first and then it started to get warmer. We had quick, snappy and powerful hits. Some had hit a 3, 4 and a 6. Some made a dive to keep safe and some went out. The entire grade six for New Gisborne did the Macarena. It was as funny as a cartoon clown. In the finals for the boys it was Holy Cross versus Saint Bernard’s. For the girls it was New Gisborne versus Holy Cross. The winner for the girls final was Holy Cross by over one hundred runs. For the boys finals the winner was Saint Bernard’s by 1 point. It was as close as two good AFL teams in the grand final. At the end of the day it was exciting.

By Lachie

On the 31st of October the Year 6s and a few Year 5s went down to Dixon Field to participate in Kanga Cricket. It was a very hot day and some of us got burnt because we didn’t wear hats. Every team played 3 matches to determine who would play in the finals. The pressure was on.  The teams I versed were pretty easy but that’s not the same story for the other teams at our school. My team won all 3 games and made it into the final. During the lunch break the Macarena came on and Abbey and I ran to where the music was playing and started dancing. Our whole school except a few people were dancing to it. Many of the adults swarmed around us and took pictures and videos. It was like our school was famous. In the finals my team versed Holy Cross. It was a good game but they smashed us by 69 runs. The boy’s final was a very close game with St Bernard’s just beating Holy Cross by 1 run.

By Jess N

It is Thursday 31st October and this is Jordana reporting live from Dixon field where the following schools New Gisborne, Holly Cross, Macedon Grammar, Woodend, Christ the priest catholic, St Bernard’s and Lancefield have come here to participate in the Kanga Cricket Round Robin. For the girls team, New Gisborne team 3 got into the finals versing Holy cross. Sadly the New Gisborne girls lost and Holy cross are now heading to Ballarat for regional finals, Good on you girls!

For the boys’ team, Holy Cross was very thrilled that they got into the finals and so did St Bernard’s. Holy cross were so close to winning but they just lost by 1 run and so St Bernard’s will also be heading to Ballarat. Everyone did a fantastic job on the day and I’m sure they had heaps of fun and good luck to those who are heading to Ballarat. I’m Jordana and the kids are now probably exhausted and are now getting on the bus ready to go home.

By Jordana

Smack! The bat hit the ball and it was flying through the air over the boundaries. The weather was scorching hot and a perfect day for interschool sports. The music for the Macarena came on and nearly all the participants from our school joined in. Each team played three games and the two teams with the highest score went into the final at the end of the day. Our team won the first game we played against Woodend and we lost our other two games against the two Holy Cross girl’s teams. The girls team three won all three games and played the Holy Cross girls in the final. Unfortunately they lost by over a hundred runs. St. Bernard’s won the boys final by 1 run to the Holy Cross boy’s team. I really enjoyed the day because even if you were off you weren’t off by yourself.

By Zoe

If you went to Kanga Cricket who was in your team and did you enjoy the day?

 If you didn’t go to Kanga Cricket what activities did you participate in at school?

Coach Approach

All the 5/6s were gathered in the gym on Friday the 18th of October. We started off quickly and ready for some fun. They had five professional coaches that had represented Australia or a state for their sport. The activities they had were touch rugby, hockey, ultimate Frisbee, hip hop dancing and taekwondo. It was really good as most kids don’t play those sports out of school so it was good to have a go and learn some new techniques. We rotated around the sports having 20 mins at each. At the end we all got a little card that we could get signed by the coaches. You had 5 mins to get as many as you could. Over all the day was great and heaps of fun and can’t wait until next year.

By James

Wow, all of the grade 5/6`s had the best time when people from the coach approach team came to our school of Friday the 18th of November. The people who came taught us rugby, hockey, hip-hop dancing, ultimate frisbee and taekwondo. One of the best activities that everyone loved was rugby because the guy who was teaching us was so funny, everyone loved him.  After doing all of the actives we were all tired and we could not think.

By Darcy

Boing, boing, boing goes the hockey ball on one windy spring day. On Friday the 18th of October at New Gisborne Primary School the grade 5/6’s had a fun activity called Coach Approach. We had frisbee which was taught by Ben, hip hop with Lan, taekwondo with Beau, hockey with Dan and touch rugby with Nick. These coaches helped us a lot to learn new things about the sports. It was a skilled day to keep up and fit. Some of the rules for touch footy were that whenever the other team had a free pass you had to be five meters. The last activity we had on the day was Frisbee it felt as if we just got it started and then we had to leave for the next activity. At the end of the day we all had five minutes to get as many signatures as we could. Beep! Beep! Beep! Goes the bell as we all run back to class to get our bags and go home.

By Ewa

On a hot and sunny Friday, NGPS had coach approach. There were five different sports that the 3, 4, 5 and 6’s did that day. One was Hockey, the others were hip hop, taekwondo, touch football and the last one was ultimate frisbee. There were six coach approach people there and the one that was not teaching was the overall one, she alerted us when it was time to swap over. Each session lasted 20 minutes and when it hits the twenty minutes the overall person started a siren. At the end of the day there was a prize from each activity. The weather was so hot that it was like you just went outside and were burnt all over. When the day ended I was so tired that I wanted to sleep for a long time.

By Jack

‘Smack’ the hockey ball goes through the goal. On Friday the 18 of October we did coach approach. First we did hockey. We tried to bounce the ball on the hockey stick my highest was 5.  Lachie got a massive 84! Next we went to touch footy. One of our activities was passing the ball 30 times. We got it on our eighth try. Next we did taekwondo. I learnt how to do a double punch and house kick. Ouch! Next we did ultimate Frisbee. We were throwing Frisbees at each other and James threw it at my tooth. Finally we did hip hop. The teacher taught a famous crew that made it to the x factor. I learnt a routine.

By Josh

What was your favourite activity during Coach Approach and why?

If you could play any sport what would it be and why?


On the cold, miserable day of the 23rd of October, the years 3-6s participated in orienteering. Many schools were gathered there, which meant it was incredibly crowded. We arrived at Tony Clarke Reserve, Macedon, in the drizzly rain. Personally, I thought it was terrible weather for orienteering, but it still went ahead.

After we had a briefing, the 5/6s set out to explore the area. The aim of orienteering is to locate the numerous flags placed around the area, which increases mapping knowledge. Connected to the flags, are things are bit like a stapler, with all different patterns, which need to be punched into the map. There are generally 10 flags or markers per map. Most maps disintegrated in the rain or became soggy, resulting in difficulty for the teams.

As we all scrambled around the woodland and the oval, the sound of the woods echoed in our ears, the coolness of the rain pierces our skins, soon resulting to a dull, constant cloak of mist. Due to the weather, the slopes and dirt tracks transformed into mud bogs, which added to the difficulty of the day. My group succeeded many maps, yet we did struggle occasionally to locate some markers. Overall, I enjoyed the day.

By Ali

Wow slippery wet and muddy, that is how our day started at Tony Clark Reserve. We were there to do orienteering which was hard because reading the maps in the rain made the paper wet. My team was Jess and I and we did map 1 & 12. Orienteering through the bush, looking for orange markers was hard work with the rain pelting on us and squishy wet mud slipping down our pants. Even through it was raining Jess and I felt competitive, we knew we could finish the maps. What a great day 23rd of October was.

By Bonnie

The spitting of the rain on me at Tony Clark Reserve on 23 October was constant while the supervisor explained the rules. Sebi, Kye and I were in a group. It was muddy and wet. Our group did 4 maps, we got to the deep forest. We were coming down a hill and I slipped on a tree root. I got lost so I found Macklan’s group. It was a great day I had a lot of fun that day but it would have been better if it wasn’t wet and really muddy.

By George

It was a drizzly wet day on the 23 of October as the grade 3’s to 6’s headed down to Tony Clark Reserve for Orienteering. As it was wet it made orienteering more difficult but a lot more fun. As the maps slowly dissolved everybody was rushing around trying to find the well hidden markers. The mud was the best thing ever creating quick fun exits off hills in slide form as long as you didn’t land in the puddles at the end of the slide. Some people took the whole day as a competition and some people took it as a fun day. In the end it was a great day regardless of the weather.

By Ebony

One wet and rainy day on Wednesday the 23rd of October at Tony Clark Reserve we had orienteering for all the 3-6s.  All grades had to get in groups of 3 or 4. There were 25 maps to choose from. The first 5 maps were just around the oval. Then the other maps lead people into pine forest. But first before we had to even start the overall supervisor had to explain all the rules about orienteering. The parts of the markers that you had to stamp with were called a clipper. In each course there were 12 markers you had to discover. It was a fun but wet and rainy day. My most favourite part of the day must be falling down a muddy hill. My group finished 5 maps they were a little difficult but still fun. It was a good day. If I could change anything I would change for more time to keep going on with more courses and I would change the weather to a nice and sunny day not wet and rainy.

By Kye

This is Grace reporting live from Tony Clark Reserve, on the 23rd of October at the annual orienteering afternoon. It seems to be grey a drizzly today, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping the children from New Gisborne. Let’s go live to a student of New Gisborne……… Can you give us a quick rundown on your experiences so far?

Sure. This is the oval where we have it every year, and I’ve gone every time, but this year our navigating skills aren’t quite as helpful as the ink markings ran everywhere from the rain and the map is shredded. My group is taking a risk of choosing harder maps that we haven’t had experience with before, but we don’t hesitate. The maps and grounds are great, as we get to search high in the pine forest and bush, as well as the oval which, for the younger students is hard enough.

Thanks. Well that’s another day over, as the kids are getting on the bus. Back to you Miss Hunichen (Blog Administrator).

By Grace

What are your thoughts about our Orienteering day?

Councillor Sally Piper

Since we were learning about democracy and government the teachers had arranged for one of the local councillors of the South Ward, Sally Piper to come to our class room on Wednesday the 23rd of October to talk to us about the local shire council and answer all the questions we had to ask. I had so many questions that I wanted her to answer however I had to hold onto some of them as there were lot of other children who wanted to ask questions too.

By Sebi

As I made my way to the room to sit down I heard a stampede of feet as others did the same. We had moved all the tables and chairs to make room but it was still squishy. Everyone hushed up as Councillor Sally Piper entered the room. She introduced herself and introduced us to the basics of being a councillor, when she finished she asked for questions of which there were many. The most interesting three questions were why there isn’t a north ward, does the mayor get more than 1 vote and how old do you have to be to try out for councillor. The first answer is because there is just about nothing to council there but if counselling is needed the mayor sends somebody. The second answer is if a councillor isn’t at meeting that holds a vote the mayor gets their vote. The third answer is that the only requirements to do with age is that your over 18 and you’re not about to drop dead but she didn’t mention the dead subject. I liked how she thought about her answers before answering and double checking with the teachers to make sure her facts were correct.

By Alex

On a cold, windy disgusting day, Sally Piper a Councillor from the local council (south ward) came and visited the fabulous 5/6’s. At the start of the speech Sally said people think that she’s special because she’s a councillor when really she’s like any other normal mum. After Sally’s informative speech she answered any questions we had. After this she told us about her job and the local council (her job seemed very hard). This happened on the 23rd of October 2013. Sally seems very nice and friendly person.

By Indiah

It was a bright sunny day on the 23rd October when Sally Piper came in to talk to the grade 5/6’s. Sally Piper is a local council candidate in the South Ward. We talked about her job and issues that were being discussed in the local council like the Hanging Rock issue. Sally also took some questions about the council, it was a good session and we learnt a lot.

By Macklan

What did you learn from Sally Piper’s visit?

Would you like to be a local councillor one day? Why/Why not?

Western Water Competition

Guest Post by Caedon

I got a letter in the mail one day (because I never get letters I was excited). I opened it and a saw a poster competition form from Western Water. In October Western Water celebrated National Water Week with a poster competition on the theme ‘Liveable Communities’. My Dad and I designed a poster based around liveable communities. My Dad and I thought we should keep it plain and simple, we looked up some old posters to inspire us. We printed a picture of a girl on a swing, some butter flies and grass. We bought 4 different shades of blue, the darkest blue was the main poster colour, we made a big rain drop the was made out of the second darkest blue, a smaller rain drop was made out of the third darkest and the smallest rain drop was the lightest colour blue. I cut out the girl, the butterflies and the grass with a scalpel. It was difficult cutting out the grass and the girl, my Dad glued everything on. After that my Dad helped me with the letters, they were hard to get the hang of. The f was the hardest to do. We sent the poster and I got a letter back saying that I was a finalist and for me to go to their recycled water plant. They made a big speech about Western Water things and then we got started. I came third out of 150 entries and won a drink bottle, toy, pencil case and a 25 dollar gift the Coles Myer group. It was fun and tiring. I want to thank my Dad for helping and my family for the support.