Western Water Competition

Guest Post by Caedon

I got a letter in the mail one day (because I never get letters I was excited). I opened it and a saw a poster competition form from Western Water. In October Western Water celebrated National Water Week with a poster competition on the theme ‘Liveable Communities’. My Dad and I designed a poster based around liveable communities. My Dad and I thought we should keep it plain and simple, we looked up some old posters to inspire us. We printed a picture of a girl on a swing, some butter flies and grass. We bought 4 different shades of blue, the darkest blue was the main poster colour, we made a big rain drop the was made out of the second darkest blue, a smaller rain drop was made out of the third darkest and the smallest rain drop was the lightest colour blue. I cut out the girl, the butterflies and the grass with a scalpel. It was difficult cutting out the grass and the girl, my Dad glued everything on. After that my Dad helped me with the letters, they were hard to get the hang of. The f was the hardest to do. We sent the poster and I got a letter back saying that I was a finalist and for me to go to their recycled water plant. They made a big speech about Western Water things and then we got started. I came third out of 150 entries and won a drink bottle, toy, pencil case and a 25 dollar gift the Coles Myer group. It was fun and tiring. I want to thank my Dad for helping and my family for the support.

2 thoughts on “Western Water Competition

  1. Dear Caedon
    Congratulations for getting third in the western water competition. How long did it take youto create and design you painting that you put in? What gave you the inspiration to paint what you decided to do? You have done a really great job if you made it to the top three as when I did it I got nothing, I only got a congratulations for participating award. But then I only did it when I was in grade two when I wasn’t artistic at all. Congrats for getting in the top three

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