Councillor Sally Piper

Since we were learning about democracy and government the teachers had arranged for one of the local councillors of the South Ward, Sally Piper to come to our class room on Wednesday the 23rd of October to talk to us about the local shire council and answer all the questions we had to ask. I had so many questions that I wanted her to answer however I had to hold onto some of them as there were lot of other children who wanted to ask questions too.

By Sebi

As I made my way to the room to sit down I heard a stampede of feet as others did the same. We had moved all the tables and chairs to make room but it was still squishy. Everyone hushed up as Councillor Sally Piper entered the room. She introduced herself and introduced us to the basics of being a councillor, when she finished she asked for questions of which there were many. The most interesting three questions were why there isn’t a north ward, does the mayor get more than 1 vote and how old do you have to be to try out for councillor. The first answer is because there is just about nothing to council there but if counselling is needed the mayor sends somebody. The second answer is if a councillor isn’t at meeting that holds a vote the mayor gets their vote. The third answer is that the only requirements to do with age is that your over 18 and you’re not about to drop dead but she didn’t mention the dead subject. I liked how she thought about her answers before answering and double checking with the teachers to make sure her facts were correct.

By Alex

On a cold, windy disgusting day, Sally Piper a Councillor from the local council (south ward) came and visited the fabulous 5/6’s. At the start of the speech Sally said people think that she’s special because she’s a councillor when really she’s like any other normal mum. After Sally’s informative speech she answered any questions we had. After this she told us about her job and the local council (her job seemed very hard). This happened on the 23rd of October 2013. Sally seems very nice and friendly person.

By Indiah

It was a bright sunny day on the 23rd October when Sally Piper came in to talk to the grade 5/6’s. Sally Piper is a local council candidate in the South Ward. We talked about her job and issues that were being discussed in the local council like the Hanging Rock issue. Sally also took some questions about the council, it was a good session and we learnt a lot.

By Macklan

What did you learn from Sally Piper’s visit?

Would you like to be a local councillor one day? Why/Why not?