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All the 5/6s were gathered in the gym on Friday the 18th of October. We started off quickly and ready for some fun. They had five professional coaches that had represented Australia or a state for their sport. The activities they had were touch rugby, hockey, ultimate Frisbee, hip hop dancing and taekwondo. It was really good as most kids don’t play those sports out of school so it was good to have a go and learn some new techniques. We rotated around the sports having 20 mins at each. At the end we all got a little card that we could get signed by the coaches. You had 5 mins to get as many as you could. Over all the day was great and heaps of fun and can’t wait until next year.

By James

Wow, all of the grade 5/6`s had the best time when people from the coach approach team came to our school of Friday the 18th of November. The people who came taught us rugby, hockey, hip-hop dancing, ultimate frisbee and taekwondo. One of the best activities that everyone loved was rugby because the guy who was teaching us was so funny, everyone loved him.  After doing all of the actives we were all tired and we could not think.

By Darcy

Boing, boing, boing goes the hockey ball on one windy spring day. On Friday the 18th of October at New Gisborne Primary School the grade 5/6’s had a fun activity called Coach Approach. We had frisbee which was taught by Ben, hip hop with Lan, taekwondo with Beau, hockey with Dan and touch rugby with Nick. These coaches helped us a lot to learn new things about the sports. It was a skilled day to keep up and fit. Some of the rules for touch footy were that whenever the other team had a free pass you had to be five meters. The last activity we had on the day was Frisbee it felt as if we just got it started and then we had to leave for the next activity. At the end of the day we all had five minutes to get as many signatures as we could. Beep! Beep! Beep! Goes the bell as we all run back to class to get our bags and go home.

By Ewa

On a hot and sunny Friday, NGPS had coach approach. There were five different sports that the 3, 4, 5 and 6’s did that day. One was Hockey, the others were hip hop, taekwondo, touch football and the last one was ultimate frisbee. There were six coach approach people there and the one that was not teaching was the overall one, she alerted us when it was time to swap over. Each session lasted 20 minutes and when it hits the twenty minutes the overall person started a siren. At the end of the day there was a prize from each activity. The weather was so hot that it was like you just went outside and were burnt all over. When the day ended I was so tired that I wanted to sleep for a long time.

By Jack

‘Smack’ the hockey ball goes through the goal. On Friday the 18 of October we did coach approach. First we did hockey. We tried to bounce the ball on the hockey stick my highest was 5.  Lachie got a massive 84! Next we went to touch footy. One of our activities was passing the ball 30 times. We got it on our eighth try. Next we did taekwondo. I learnt how to do a double punch and house kick. Ouch! Next we did ultimate Frisbee. We were throwing Frisbees at each other and James threw it at my tooth. Finally we did hip hop. The teacher taught a famous crew that made it to the x factor. I learnt a routine.

By Josh

What was your favourite activity during Coach Approach and why?

If you could play any sport what would it be and why?

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  1. Hi Miss Hunichien,
    We think that the best comment was James because we think it has good punctuation and has listed the things well. Also we liked was that he had done a great job in his writing. from Darcy and Baillie

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