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The excited voices of everyone on the bus as we pull up to Dixon field for a day of kanga cricket. As we all started to practice for our games we had to get a really boring speech on how to play and score even though we already knew how to do it. All teams played three rounds of cricket and if you were lucky enough to win your three you would go on to the final. Only one of the New Gisborne Primary School teams went on to the final and that was Team 3. The captains of the team that went on to the final were Jessica. N, Sarah.B and Ksenija.G. As we had time to eat our lunch before we found out who was going to go on to the final the Macarena came on, it was just like a dance mob and everyone was screaming and laughing with happiness.Team 3 made it into the final against Holy Cross’s A team. The NGPS team lost by a total of 69 runs and we were all very disappointed for them.

By Abbey

The grade 6’s went to Dixon field to play Kanga cricket on the 31st of October. There was a boys and girls team. Some had brought IPods, Phones and cameras, but we had to keep them in our bags. It was cold at first and then it started to get warmer. We had quick, snappy and powerful hits. Some had hit a 3, 4 and a 6. Some made a dive to keep safe and some went out. The entire grade six for New Gisborne did the Macarena. It was as funny as a cartoon clown. In the finals for the boys it was Holy Cross versus Saint Bernard’s. For the girls it was New Gisborne versus Holy Cross. The winner for the girls final was Holy Cross by over one hundred runs. For the boys finals the winner was Saint Bernard’s by 1 point. It was as close as two good AFL teams in the grand final. At the end of the day it was exciting.

By Lachie

On the 31st of October the Year 6s and a few Year 5s went down to Dixon Field to participate in Kanga Cricket. It was a very hot day and some of us got burnt because we didn’t wear hats. Every team played 3 matches to determine who would play in the finals. The pressure was on.  The teams I versed were pretty easy but that’s not the same story for the other teams at our school. My team won all 3 games and made it into the final. During the lunch break the Macarena came on and Abbey and I ran to where the music was playing and started dancing. Our whole school except a few people were dancing to it. Many of the adults swarmed around us and took pictures and videos. It was like our school was famous. In the finals my team versed Holy Cross. It was a good game but they smashed us by 69 runs. The boy’s final was a very close game with St Bernard’s just beating Holy Cross by 1 run.

By Jess N

It is Thursday 31st October and this is Jordana reporting live from Dixon field where the following schools New Gisborne, Holly Cross, Macedon Grammar, Woodend, Christ the priest catholic, St Bernard’s and Lancefield have come here to participate in the Kanga Cricket Round Robin. For the girls team, New Gisborne team 3 got into the finals versing Holy cross. Sadly the New Gisborne girls lost and Holy cross are now heading to Ballarat for regional finals, Good on you girls!

For the boys’ team, Holy Cross was very thrilled that they got into the finals and so did St Bernard’s. Holy cross were so close to winning but they just lost by 1 run and so St Bernard’s will also be heading to Ballarat. Everyone did a fantastic job on the day and I’m sure they had heaps of fun and good luck to those who are heading to Ballarat. I’m Jordana and the kids are now probably exhausted and are now getting on the bus ready to go home.

By Jordana

Smack! The bat hit the ball and it was flying through the air over the boundaries. The weather was scorching hot and a perfect day for interschool sports. The music for the Macarena came on and nearly all the participants from our school joined in. Each team played three games and the two teams with the highest score went into the final at the end of the day. Our team won the first game we played against Woodend and we lost our other two games against the two Holy Cross girl’s teams. The girls team three won all three games and played the Holy Cross girls in the final. Unfortunately they lost by over a hundred runs. St. Bernard’s won the boys final by 1 run to the Holy Cross boy’s team. I really enjoyed the day because even if you were off you weren’t off by yourself.

By Zoe

If you went to Kanga Cricket who was in your team and did you enjoy the day?

 If you didn’t go to Kanga Cricket what activities did you participate in at school?

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  1. Class blog comment

    Dear Miss hunichen,
    The Kanga Cricket was really fun and really funning too. It was a great chance for me to try out because I am going to high school next year.
    From Bonnie

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