On the cold, miserable day of the 23rd of October, the years 3-6s participated in orienteering. Many schools were gathered there, which meant it was incredibly crowded. We arrived at Tony Clarke Reserve, Macedon, in the drizzly rain. Personally, I thought it was terrible weather for orienteering, but it still went ahead.

After we had a briefing, the 5/6s set out to explore the area. The aim of orienteering is to locate the numerous flags placed around the area, which increases mapping knowledge. Connected to the flags, are things are bit like a stapler, with all different patterns, which need to be punched into the map. There are generally 10 flags or markers per map. Most maps disintegrated in the rain or became soggy, resulting in difficulty for the teams.

As we all scrambled around the woodland and the oval, the sound of the woods echoed in our ears, the coolness of the rain pierces our skins, soon resulting to a dull, constant cloak of mist. Due to the weather, the slopes and dirt tracks transformed into mud bogs, which added to the difficulty of the day. My group succeeded many maps, yet we did struggle occasionally to locate some markers. Overall, I enjoyed the day.

By Ali

Wow slippery wet and muddy, that is how our day started at Tony Clark Reserve. We were there to do orienteering which was hard because reading the maps in the rain made the paper wet. My team was Jess and I and we did map 1 & 12. Orienteering through the bush, looking for orange markers was hard work with the rain pelting on us and squishy wet mud slipping down our pants. Even through it was raining Jess and I felt competitive, we knew we could finish the maps. What a great day 23rd of October was.

By Bonnie

The spitting of the rain on me at Tony Clark Reserve on 23 October was constant while the supervisor explained the rules. Sebi, Kye and I were in a group. It was muddy and wet. Our group did 4 maps, we got to the deep forest. We were coming down a hill and I slipped on a tree root. I got lost so I found Macklan’s group. It was a great day I had a lot of fun that day but it would have been better if it wasn’t wet and really muddy.

By George

It was a drizzly wet day on the 23 of October as the grade 3’s to 6’s headed down to Tony Clark Reserve for Orienteering. As it was wet it made orienteering more difficult but a lot more fun. As the maps slowly dissolved everybody was rushing around trying to find the well hidden markers. The mud was the best thing ever creating quick fun exits off hills in slide form as long as you didn’t land in the puddles at the end of the slide. Some people took the whole day as a competition and some people took it as a fun day. In the end it was a great day regardless of the weather.

By Ebony

One wet and rainy day on Wednesday the 23rd of October at Tony Clark Reserve we had orienteering for all the 3-6s.  All grades had to get in groups of 3 or 4. There were 25 maps to choose from. The first 5 maps were just around the oval. Then the other maps lead people into pine forest. But first before we had to even start the overall supervisor had to explain all the rules about orienteering. The parts of the markers that you had to stamp with were called a clipper. In each course there were 12 markers you had to discover. It was a fun but wet and rainy day. My most favourite part of the day must be falling down a muddy hill. My group finished 5 maps they were a little difficult but still fun. It was a good day. If I could change anything I would change for more time to keep going on with more courses and I would change the weather to a nice and sunny day not wet and rainy.

By Kye

This is Grace reporting live from Tony Clark Reserve, on the 23rd of October at the annual orienteering afternoon. It seems to be grey a drizzly today, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping the children from New Gisborne. Let’s go live to a student of New Gisborne……… Can you give us a quick rundown on your experiences so far?

Sure. This is the oval where we have it every year, and I’ve gone every time, but this year our navigating skills aren’t quite as helpful as the ink markings ran everywhere from the rain and the map is shredded. My group is taking a risk of choosing harder maps that we haven’t had experience with before, but we don’t hesitate. The maps and grounds are great, as we get to search high in the pine forest and bush, as well as the oval which, for the younger students is hard enough.

Thanks. Well that’s another day over, as the kids are getting on the bus. Back to you Miss Hunichen (Blog Administrator).

By Grace

What are your thoughts about our Orienteering day?

3 thoughts on “Orienteering

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    My thoughts on orienteering were alright. In my group was Abbey, Jess. N and Tia. S. We were all orienteering in the middle of the forest and then Tia went to get a different flag so Jess followed her. Abbey and I were in the forest for a while then it started to pour down in rain. We went looking for Tia and Jess and they were walking around for other flags! They left us in the middle of the forest! 🙂

  2. Dear Miss Hunichen
    Orienteering was a really fun day. We did many maps that just got harder and harder than the last one. While we were doing one of our maps Jess and Tia went of to get a marker and Ewa and I were in the middle of the forest waiting for them to come back. While we waiting it started to bucket down in rain and Ewa and I gave up and started scavenging around trying to find them. In the end we found them ages away from where we were waiting and they said that they were coming back. Even though it was a horrible day we still had the fun that you would normally have at orienteering.

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