Songs from Wonder

The book is broken up into eight parts each told by a different character. The cover page for each part contains a few lines from a song. Below are the songs that appear on August’s, Via’s and Summer’s cover page. Have a look at these two videos at home and start thinking about why they are relevant. You have been given a copy of the lyrics in class.

August – Natalie Merchant’s Wonder Lyrics Video

Via – David Bowie’s Space Oddity Lyrics

Summer – Beautiful by Christina Aguilera (This is a Youtube video so you must have mum or dads permission to watch)

What do you think these songs mean?

What relevance do you think each song has to the character on the cover page? 

2 thoughts on “Songs from Wonder

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I wasn’t able to listen to August and Via’s song but I listened to Summer’s song by Christina Aguilera. With the three choruses in Summer’s song I think the first one is spoken by Summer saying she is beautiful even though she hangs out with August. Then I think the second one is saying August is beautiful to Summer no matter what other kids say and the last chorus sums up the other two choruses by saying she thinks they are both beautiful to her.
    I think the line ‘Words can’t bring you down’ doesn’t actually agree with the bullying video slogan of ‘Words Hurt, don’t be a part of it.’ Words can hurt and even though the song tells them to be strong I think that August was still hurt by what the other kids said about him. The way some people react to cruel words on the outside doesn’t necessarily mean that’s how they feel on the inside.

  2. To Miss Hunichen,
    I think that song is about believing in you. You can’t change what you look like but! You can change who you are on the inside. People may think you look horrible but you don’t.
    David Bowie’s song made me think that August is on his own. His different from everybody else. The lyrics to Wonder made me think that August was just born that way and some things just happen and who knows what his future brings.
    From Bonnie.

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