Should kids be able to bet on the Melbourne Cup?

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about gambling. This begun after a discussion based around whether kids should be able to bet on the Melbourne Cup. Since then we have looked at why people may begin to gamble, advertising slogans related to gambling as well as facts and figures about gambling.

Today we looked at four different pieces of media that were all to do with gambling. We looked at two newspaper articles and two short videos. You can view these below:

Gambling Articles

Should kids bet on the cup

KidBet or alternatively you can visit the website at

Please take the time to view these resources and discuss them with your parents.

After all of the discussions we have had and after looking at all media based around gambling, what do you think?

Typhoon Haiyan

On Friday the 22nd of November the children of New Gisborne Primary School came dressed in their casual clothes and were armed with tins of food, medical supplies, sleeping bags and clothing. We are doing all we can to raise money and collect donations to send over to the Philippines after the devastating effects of Typhoon Haiyan.

We used the following websites to gain a better understanding of this horrific disaster.

Behin the News report by 11 year old Pablo –

Leave your messages of support here –

See before and after pictures here –

Appeal groups –

Use the links on the side of this page –

Have you done anything else to help the people of the Philippines?

Do you have any other websites that would be useful?

How did you feel after looking at the news clip and photos?