The New Year

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Hi Girls and Boys,

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays and that you have had a lovely Christmas with your family. I would love to read about what some of you have been up to and whether you have any family Christmas traditions.

My Christmas was fairly quiet, I had lunch at home with Mrs McConville and my stepdad, Eamon. My nanna also came down and so did my brother Rhys. I was lucky enough to receive the hair curler that I had asked for too so I was pretty happy. For dinner I went down to Watergardens to see my dad, my stepmum and my other grandma. It was nice to be able to spend time with my family.

I spent New Year’s Eve in the city with a friend as I was very excited to see the fireworks. They are one of my most favourite things (along with fairy floss) and I think they should have fireworks more often. The city was extremely crowded and it was very difficult to get in and out of Flinders Street Station. Have any of you been in to see the fireworks on New Year’s Eve? How would you describe them?

I’m hoping that you have remembered to give the Welcome note to mum or dad to read and that you have been keeping a record of your reading.

I’m really looking forward to buying a copy of Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper. I believe you have all read this book. Would you recommend I read it? Why/Why not?

If you have misplaced either of the letters I gave you, you can access them below:

2014 welcome class 5B

Personal Letter

Home Reading Log

I’m looking forward to hearing from each of you. Don’t forget to check back through the post for questions I have asked. Otherwise I can’t wait to hear all about what you have been up to.

32 thoughts on “The New Year

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I’ve had a wonderful Christmas holiday so far. All of my mums side of the family came around for lunch, but we must have cooked too much, because we had heaps of left overs! We watched the fireworks on TV, but I’ve never actually been in Melbourne to see it. I have been reading lot’s, too. My mum has bought the out of my mind book because I recommended it for her!
    From Ruby 🙂

    • Hello again Ruby,
      It’s great to read such well structured comment, well done. I’m glad to hear that you have been having such a great holiday, I think it’s nice to be able to sleep in and to be able to do things whenever you like. Does your mum have lots of brothers and sisters? It sounds like there were lots of people at your place on Christmas day. I had Christmas lunch at Mrs McConvilles place and my stepdad cooked a really lovely roast pork with vegetables. I wasn’t a fan of Christmas pudding for dessert though! What did you have for lunch on Christmas day? Maybe when you are a little bit older you may be able to see the fireworks in Melbourne. I would really like to go to Sydney to see the New Years Eve fireworks. You must have enjoyed Out of My Mind if you have persuaded your mum to buy it! Why did you recommend it and do you know where mum got her copy from? I hope you have lots of fun things planned for the rest of your holidays.
      Miss Hunichen

  2. hi,
    I am really exited to be in your class this year! I had a wonderful Christmas. I was lucky enough to get a Pandora bracelet, an Ice cream maker and an Ariana Grande CD and I love it! On New Years Eve my family went to my Mum’s friends house. We made sparkler bombs and glow stick glasses.
    I would totally recommend Out of my Mind by Sharon M Draper because one minute it has you laughing and the next crying.
    Ruby 🙂

    • Hi Ruby,
      I’m really excited to have you as part of 5B and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better. Wow! Receiving a Pandora bracelet for Christmas, you are a very lucky girl! Do you have many charms on it yet? I will have to look up Ariana Grande as I’m not familiar with her songs. Who else do you like to listen to? Sadly I have to admit that I like One Direction and have downloaded two of their albums over the Christmas break! I’m glad you would recommend Out of My Mind, now I just have to try and get a copy of it. I might need to make a trip to Book Bonding in Gisborne. Are you going away at all over the school holidays?
      Miss Hunichen

  3. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I had a great Christmas! One of my Christmas presents was a trip to England. Im going next holidays and it will be great to see some of my family.
    Two days after Christmas, there was a grass fire at my house and my neighbours house! 6 firetrucks came and it took so long to get out! Everything is alright now but it was so scary.
    For this year, I have got a USB drive, and two sets of headphones. One with the microphone and one without. I already had the one without.
    I have been reading magazines and and two books from home. I got one of the books for Christmas.
    My holidays have been quiet. I’ve been very lazy, but its the holidays so its alright.
    I can’t wait to have you as my teacher again. Year 5 is going to be great!
    From Rebecca

    • Hi Rebecca
      Wow, I can’t believe you got a trip to England for Christmas. That is such an exciting present. Have you been to England before? I have had friends who have travelled over there and loved it. I’d like to do some more travelling one day as I’ve only been to Bali and New Zealand. What family have you got over there?
      I’m sorry to hear about the grass fire that was at your place, I’m very glad to hear that everyone is ok. It does sound very scary though, we’re lucky that the CFA do such a fantastic job at keeping us all safe.
      It sounds like you are well and truly ready for the start of the school year, well done! Having all of those things will make your year much easier. It’s great to hear that you have been doing some reading also. I have just started reading ‘Out of my Mind’, I can’t imagine what it would be like to walk in Melody’s shoes, she sounds like an amazing girl. I can’t wait to read more of it as I’m only up to chapter 6.
      I think holidays are meant to be lazy, it gives us the time for our minds and bodies to recover from the busy year we all had. I had lunch with Mrs Cairney, Miss Coulsell and Miss Micalef today which was really lovely. I think I’m going to see Frozen tomorrow at the movies, have you seen any movies?
      Looking forward to teaching you again, this year will definitely be great!
      Miss Hunichen

  4. Kimberly says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 7, 2014 at 10:15 am
    Hi Miss Hunichen

    My holidays have been really fun but also tiring. After finishing school those 5 days leading up to Christmas felt like so long. For Christmas I got lots of clothes, penny board, lollies, movies, a quilt and some more stuff.

    2 days after Christmas I went to my family holiday place in NSW. I went to Yarrowonga/ Mulwala. It was so much fun. I stayed at Lake Edge Resort. There I went to the games room and the pool area. At least 3 times a day.

    The day we were leaving my mum, nan and pop and I instead of going South West to home, we went north. Up to Queensland we’re my nan and pop live. We don’t get to so them often. It took us 1 and a half days to get there. We stayed the night a Coonabarabran. It was so hot. It was 48 degrees.

    The next day we made it to Queensland. It took 10 hours. We got to my nan and pops house and we unpacked the car and sat down! We relaxed in the cool air while waiting for dinner.

    The next day we went to the beach with my cousins. We body boarded and played beach cricket. For the stumps we used a boogie board. My uncle, auntie, mum, pop, my cousins and myself went down to the beach and played beach cricket.

    And that’s my holidays so far. And right now I’m sitting down outside typing this on my iPad and relaxing waiting to walk down to the beach.

    Thanks bye. See you on the 28th



  5. Hi Miss Hunichen

    I posted a comment on the class blog the same day as Rebecca.

    Have you received it?

    I have resent it just in case you didn’t get it.



    • Hello sweetie
      You have been on my mind for the last few days as I thought that you might think I’d forgotten you! I hadn’t and was just waiting until I had enough time to write a proper reply to your comment. So here is is below. Thank you for double checking that I had received it.

      Dear Kim
      It sounds like you have had a very busy few weeks! Although for me the days leading up to Christmas went very quickly and I had to do lots of Christmas shopping. I bought Mrs McConville a very pretty dress and I bought my stepdad a book and some golf balls. I was lucky enough to get some money which I used to buy new runners and a David Jones gift card which I used to buy an iPod shuffle.
      I haven’t been away yet but I am heading down to Bairnsdale on Monday to visit a uni friend of mine who has children so I’m looking foreward to relaxing down there.

      When you stay in Yarrawonga do you spend lots of time down at the river? I’ve been up there once or twice I think and from memory it was a really lovely place. I’d love to go back there one day because I think waterskiing on the Murray River would be really fun.

      Looking forward to seeing you at school on the 28th, hope you are remembering to do lots of reading!
      Miss Hunichen

  6. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I was born in England but we moved to Australia when I was 4! I can’t remember England that much but I remember the snow. I have my Auntie and Uncle, my Nan, and my Mums Auntie and Uncle and her cousins.
    The grass fire was very scary! The CFA does do a fantastic job! We are very lucky.
    ‘Out of my Mind’ gets better and better each chapter. It must be very hard being Melody.
    I haven’t seen any movies these holidays and I’m very surprised about that! I want to see Frozen! Everyone says it is very funny!
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays!

    • Oh Rebecca
      You must go and see Frozen!! I saw it the other day with Charli D (do you remember her?). The reason I liked Frozen so much was that the characters were very cute and funny and I think it had a good story line. If you saw Tangled and liked that then I think you will like Frozen very much. Do you think it would be good to have a magical power? I think if we could each choose to have one magic power I would find it very difficult to know what to choose. What do you think?
      I’m hoping that when I visit my friend in Bairnsdale next week I will get lots of time to read on the beach. I am very much looking forward to finding out more about Melody and the struggles she faces each and every day.
      Wow you still have lots of family in England. All of my family live very close by to me so I guess I’m lucky although I think it would be cool to have relatives overseas because then you get to travel. Have you been anywhere besides England?
      I hope you enjoy the last two weeks of your holidays too.
      Miss Hunichen

  7. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I had a great christmas with my Mum, Dad, Bridgette and Fletcher. We went to my dads aunties for lunch and saw his side of the family. We then went to my Grans for dinner with my cousin Jess. So after all the presents and food mum, dad, Bridgette ,Fletcher and I all went and went for a big walk with my dog Charlie.
    For Christmas I got 2 basketball hoops? and a Soccer Trainer, some headphones, loads of books, iTunes vouchers and Lego.
    Mum has had this week off and we went to Funfeilds with Ben, Joeseph, Angus and their mums. We had a really fun time on the waterslides and the Tobogan. My Gran gave us tickets to see the Wind in the Willows at the Botanical Gardens which we saw on Friday it was hot in the sun but we enjoyed it.
    Dad is home this week and we are going to go to Torquey for the day.
    I would recommend Out of my Mind to you because it gave me a better understanding of people with disabilities. It reminded me of our family friend Ashleigh who had Rhett’s Syndrome which is similar to Cerebal Palsy. I give the book a 8/10.
    See you on the 30th of Jan
    From Sam Porter

    • Hi Sam
      It’s great to hear from you! It sounds like you have had lots of fun things happen during your holidays. Your Christmas day sounds very busy, mine was fairly quiet as I only have a small family. My mum has only one sister but because of their religion they don’t celebrate Christmas and my dad only has one brother. We generally get together with dads side of the family before Christmas though.
      You mentioned that you got basketball and soccer gear for Christmas, do you play both of these sports competitively? I have never played soccer although I had to learn some skills because I had to teach soccer in sport last year. Luckily lots of the boys were able to help me out.
      I have finished reading Out of my Mind and I really enjoyed it. I hope to be able to find some time to put a post up about it. It was such a thought provoking book.
      Funfields is somewhere that I haven’t been, can you describe it to me? It’s obviously got waterslides but can you do other things there too?
      I think I’m going to be very busy in my last week of holidays, it feels like there is still so much I want to do.
      Looking forward to seeing you all on the 30th though, I have a special video to show you all. I wonder if you can work out what it might be of by reading some other comments and replies.
      Miss Hunichen

      • Hi Miss Hunichen,
        I don’t play basketball any more but I like playing it in the yard with Fletcher and Bridgette. I enjoy doing my Karate class after school. I do this with Ben and Fletcher.
        Funfeilds has mini golf, go carts, pirate ship, tobogan slide and lots of other fun stuff including 4 water slides.
        We went to see Horrible Histories yesterday at the Arts Centre. It was about awful Egyptians. We learnt how to create a Mummy and how they travelled to the after life. We had to wear 3D glasses for the special effects. It was very funny mum said she learnt a lot!
        From Sam P

        • Hi Sam
          It’s good fun to be able to play sports outside with our brothers and sisters. When I was younger I used to like practising my netball goal shooting outside with my sister.
          Karate sounds like fun though, what sort of things do you learn in karate classes and where do you do these classes?
          I’ll have to put Funfields on my list of places to visit! Where abouts is it? It has lots of things that I really like doing although I think I would like the mini golf the best, I like to beat my friends and family!
          I saw the ads on tv for Horrible Histories and I wondered if anyone from class would go and see it, I’m glad that you did and I look forward to heraing about all of the things that you learnt. In our classroom library this year you will find the set of Horrible History books!
          Look forward to seeing you on Thursday.
          Miss Hunichen

  8. Dear Miss Hunishen
    It’s me Lachie from last year. Your class looks like a lot but awesome kids. On Xmas we had gone to Cobram. It was so hot I felt like a sausage on the barbeque. We had swam in the cool blue pool, jumped on the (Not so bouncy jumping pillow and had played a 9 hole game of golf with my dad. I had a go at driving the golf buggy and had done a couple of skids and had done a dodgy wheelie. We had lots of fun but surprisingly I survived 5 holes.
    best wishes to your class and you.
    From Lachie( from last year)

    • Hi Lachie
      It’s lovely to hear from you. I hope you are all ready to start high school next week. Are you looking forward to it? What’s your favourite thing about Braemar? My class this year should be really lovely, there are lots more boys than girls though so I’ll have to see how that goes. I’m lucky that I have already taught some of these kids before and I’m looking forward to getting to know the new ones.
      It sounds like you have been having a fantastic holiday. I have been very busy catching up with friends and family and have also been to the beach and the movies. I saw Frozen and I thought it was really good, I had so many different feelings when I was watching it. Have you seen any movies over the holidays?
      Hope to hear from you again soon
      Miss Hunichen

  9. Hi miss Hunichen,
    sounds like you have had a nice time so far. Well I had a great christmas, in fact I was walking on the overland track in Tasmania. It was tiring but not as hard as expected. It was 65 kilometres and we did it in 6 days. The hardest day was 17 kilometres. I started with about 9 kilos. We had dehydrated food (some of it was ok)and we had to carry our sleeping bags and our clothes and other things. On Christmas I woke up to an ipod touch from Santa.
    After the walk we went to Launceston, and after that we went down to Port Arthur and did a ghost tour that was at night time and went into the second most haunted house in Australia or maybe the world, I can’t remember. Oh well. After that we stayed in Hobart. it was nice and we went to the Salamanca Markets. they were good, but I didn’t buy any thing. We also went to St Helens.

    I read some of your other comments and I saw frozen as well. I liked Olaf. I also saw the life of Walter Mitty. It was good if not a bit confusing. We are not on our way to New South Wales to see my Grandma and Grandad.

    looking forward to seeing you

    • Hi Chloe
      I’m pleased to read that you have been reading some of the other comments and replies that have popped up on the blog. That’s a good way to stay up to date with what everyone is doing. I can’t believe how busy everyone has been, I’m so pleased that so many of you have had time to comment on the blog.
      I have had a great holiday although I think they have gone by so quickly, there are still lots of things that I wanted to do!
      Your Christmas sounds very different to most of the others that I have read about. I’m intrigued to hear more about the trek that you did, it sounds like very hard work, especially considering that you were carrying a pack as well! Tasmania is a beautiful place to visit and somewhere that I’d like to go back to. I remember visiting the Salamanca markets when I was there though and from memory they were very big and sold lots of lovely things. Am I right?
      I wonder how many children in the class will have seen Frozen. Olaf was a great character, he was very cute and funny. Did you have a favourite part in the movie? I haven’t seen any other movies, what was the other movie that you mentioned like?
      Look forward to seeing you on Thursday.
      Miss Hunichen

  10. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    Hi there , this is Gemma… I haven’t read that book that you wrote about…but for Christmas I got a book called “letters to a young Gymnast’ by Nadia Comaneci. My mum says she was a really really good gymnast and it is about her life and gymnastics…I haven’t read it yet… But I want to. I have been doing lots of Rainbow looms bands because I got a rainbow loom for Christmas. I have made a key ring one for you. We had 28 people at our house for Christmas lunch . my mum has a really big family and my dads brother and my nana and grandpa came too….it was hot..I liked to eat my mums special potato is very yummy..
    This week I am going to gym camp with Ruby and some other gymnasts from another club. We will stay overnight at Jets. Gym in Gisborne..then I’m going in our caravan to Nagambie..

    I have a cat , a dog and chickens and a rooster and a fish…
    From Gemma..

    • Hi Gemma
      Sorry that it’s taken me so long to get back to you, the last week or so of my holidays have been very busy. I was really interested to read your comment and am looking forward to learning more about you. Which school have you moved from?
      The book that you got for Christmas sounds very interesting, I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of it. Do you do gymnastics yourself? It’s something that I would have really liked to do when I was a child but I played netball and swam instead and didn’t have time to do gymnastics. I’d like to be able to do the splits though so I kind of wish I had learnt younger as it would make it easier now!
      This rainbow loom that you talk about sounds like lots of fun, it’s not something that I have heard of before so I’m looking forward to seeing what it makes.
      Christmas lunch sounds like it was really busy for you! How many brothers and sisters does your mum have? You must have lots of cousins then!
      I went to Nagambie with Miss Wencel last week to go skydiving! It seemed like a lovely place and I would have liked to have spent some more time there. We had lunch at a nice hotel that was right on the water, it was beautiful.
      I’m looking forward to seeing you on Thursday.
      Miss Hunichen

  11. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I don’t think you got my comment so here it is:
    I saw Frozen just yesterday and it’s so good! I rate it 9/10. It’s so funny and sad at the same time. I heard that the movie won an award! I’ll have to look it up. I do remember Charli D. We use to be great friends when I had you in year 1.
    I would love a magical power! I would chose time travel, but so no one could see me. I would chose that because I would love to find out how it would have been like living in acient Ejypt. I’m very interested in history and Ejypt!
    The only places other than England, would have been Dubai, so the plane could get more fuel. And Wales. My Dad was born there and when I was little I used to go there every year.
    It’s too hot to do anything now, but I’ll try to enjoy my holidays more!

    • Hey Rebecca,
      I’m was so excited to read that you got to go and see Frozen on your holidays and am so glad that you enjoyed it. I just read online that Frozen has been nominated for best animated feature film and that one of the songs from the movie is also in the running to win an Oscar. The Academy Awards are going to be announced early in March so we will have to keep our ears out.
      I hope you have enjoyed the last few weeks of your holidays, I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday.
      Miss Hunichen

  12. Hi Miss Hunichen, I’m looking forward to next year.

    I just got back from my holiday in Mildura, we did lots of water skiing and swimming. Jarred and his family came too, but he left before us. We also saw southen 80 race boats, dad got a ride in one. They go so fast, dad said he was scared. I went wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and tubing. I also had a go on dad’s slalom ski.

    I spent Christmas Day at home with my family and everyone came to our house. For Christmas I got a lego technic crane and a action camera. I also got other stuff.

    I have been in to see the fireworks a couple of times, but I only remember 2012’s fireworks. It was really busy, the train had to leave people behind because it was so busy. My brother’s friend’s Dad is in the band that was playing at the fireworks, called Bombay Royale.

    I would describe them as cool, long and loud but they are so pretty, we loved them so much.

    I loved out of my mind, I think you will really enjoy it because it teaches you a lot of things about different disabilities, and how the people who have them cope with them.

    From Logan

    • Hi Logan
      Your time away in Mildura sounds alot like Ashton’s time away at Lae Eildon! Seems like both of you participated in lots of water sports! As you will read in my reply to Ashton I am very jealous! I learnt to waterski for the first time in November last year and all I would like to do is go back and do it again. It was so much fun, I really enjoyed being able to glide along the top of the water, although I was surprised how tiring it was on your arms and lower back. What is a slalom ski and how did your dad manage to get a ride in a Southern 80 boat?

      The only time I have been in something really scary and fast was when I did a lap around the Winton racetrack in a V8 supercar that was driven by Rick Kelly. I didn’t enjoy it at all as it jolted you around so much going around the corners, I felt very sick at the end of it!

      I’m rather disappointed that I didn’t get to see the fireworks on Australia Day, now I’ll have to wait until Moomba in March. I think they should have fireworks at least once a month. I’m not sure quite what it is that I love about them though, but like you said, they are sooooo pretty, maybe that’s why.

      I finished reading Out of My Mind a few weeks ago and I honestly thought it was one of the most moving and inspirational books I have read. There were lots of point in the book where I cried and where I wondered how I would deal with the situation that Melody was in. It also made me think about what I would do as a teacher if I had a child like Melody in my grade, it would be so difficult. I wanted to cheer out loud when Melody got her talking board and when she stood up for herself after they left her behind. I think I would be able to read this book again and again and still feel all the same emotions I did when reading it the first time!

      Hope you are getting a good nights sleep before your first day back at school.
      Look forward to seeing you,
      Miss Hunichen

  13. I forgot to tell you I have seen Frozen and Walking with Dinosaurs too. I really liked frozen, but not as much as my brother and sister, who sing the songs all day!!

  14. Hi Miss Hunichen I’ve had an awesome holiday. For Christmas I got a giant foosball table and I was so excited when I saw it. I got loads of other stuff to like, chocolate, Hulk, Captain America, Horizon video game and books, I could go on and on.
    On Christmas day we went to my Nanny’s house for lunch. I got my presents off the rest of the family.
    On New years eve I saw fire works too! Except I didn’t go to Melbourne I saw fire works in Dromana where my beach house is.
    For Australia day I went to Mansfield next to Lake Eildon. We stayed with my mums cousin and my second cousin Lola. I stayed in a tent along with my mum, my brother, my mums friend Kate and her sons Iggy and Gus.
    The next day we went down to Lake Eildon and Lola’s dad Joel towed a tube behind the speed boat that me my brother and Lola went on. Joel did whips on the boat and went super fast on the boat. The next day we went to the lake again and I went on the knee board and did a 360 on it. I also tried wake boarding it was awesome fun. I also went on the jet ski with Cassidy Lola’s brother.
    Today I saw Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2.
    My Holiday was awesome
    I can’t wait for grade 5
    See you soon from Ashton 🙂

    • Hi Ashton
      I’m so jealous of your time away at Lake Eildon. It sounds like so much fun!! I have only been kneeboarding and waterskiing once but I absolutely loved it. Feeling the wind whip over you as you are being thrown around on a tube is another feeling that I would like to experience again. You are very lucky to have a family that participates in water sports! Although I think I would skip the staying in a tent part, where am I meant to plug my hairdryer in??

      What did you think of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? What is the general story line? I saw Frozen which is a Disney Pixar flim and as Rebecca informed me it has actually been nominated for a few awards. I enjoyed the movie but it was very typical of a Disney movie, why do you think I say this?

      Hoping that you were in bed nice and early so you are ready for your first day of school!
      Look forward to seeing you.
      Miss Hunichen

  15. Hi Miss Hunichen again.
    I thought cloudy with a chance o meatballs was awesome and very funny!
    The general story line was about a man called Flint who when he was a kid loved inventions and science. In the first movie Flint made an invention that turned bad and they had to destroy it. This movie is about the invention turning good and creating giant, friendly food creatures.

    I think you say Frozen is a typical Disney film because good always wins and its a feel good family movie.
    From Ashton 🙂

    • Hello again Ashton
      I hope that you have been enjoying the first week back at school. It seems like we have covered so many things already, it makes the holidays feel like they were ages ago.
      I haven’t seen either of the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movies. It sounds like a good story line, I may have to try and borrow them from the video shop.
      You are exactly right when you say that Frozen is a typical Disney movie because good always wins and because its a feel good movie. My favourite Disney movies are The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Do you have a favourite or do you prefer the Pixar movies like Cars and Toy Story?
      Miss Hunichen

  16. Hi Miss Hunichen
    I really loved the first week of school and I do like Disney films better but, I don’t like mermaids and girly movies.
    So did the fires today go near your home in Sunbury? I hope they didn’t and did you have to do your fire plan?
    From Ashton 🙂

    • Hi Ashton
      I’m really glad to hear that you enjoyed the first week back at school. It certainly was an action packed week with lots of great activities and discussions. I have been amazed at how well behaved you have all been and know that you guys will all be able to work together as a great team this year.
      Today was rather scary with lots of warnings and scared friends. Luckily though Mrs McConville and I live up on Jackson’s Hill so there were no actual fires near us. Seeing all the smoke and reading all of my friends updates on Facebook was quite scary though. I’m just glad there has been noone killed or injured. How about you and your family though Ashton, is everyone ok? My sister says that Gisborne has been crazy busy, we even saw Gardiner Reserve on the Channel 10 news tonight. I really hope that all of our classmates friends and families are ok.
      See you tomorrow hopefully.
      Miss Hunichen

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