Being a citizen of the Cyber World

Today in class we will be discussing the term ‘digital footprint’. But what does the term ‘digital footprint’ mean??

Have a look at the video below, taking notes on the images they use and think about how each of the images conveys privacy.

The image below is a link to the ABC’s “BTN” (“Behind The News”) website.  “BTN” is a fantastic news show for students that features great segments about current events and issues that affect our society.

Digital Footprint 24052011, Behind the News - Windows Internet Explorer_2014-02-13_20-39-08

This news segment is about how we each have a digital footprint. At the end of the segment we are told that whilst we can’t help but contribute to our digital footprint we can help to keep it smaller.

Password Power 29112011, Behind the News - Windows Internet Explorer_2014-02-13_21-04-48

The video above gives some interesting information and helpful advice in regards to setting passwords.

Here are some useful websites in regards to digital footprints:

Can you find any other useful websites in regards to managing your digital footprint?

Have a think about the following statement and respond thoughtfully in a detailed blog comment.

We are all citizens of the cyber world.

In your comment, include:

  • Your definition of a digital footprint
  • 2 facts from the video segment
  • What thoughts, ideas, wonderings you have, for example, do you think a digital footprint is a good thing to have?
  • Your ways to keep your digital footprint safe and healthy

Remember, what you post online goes out there forever! Make sure your comment is 10/10 before you hit publish!


Similes and Metaphors

What on earth do these two words mean?? Can you explain to your parents what they mean??

The following videos might help you (They are You tube videos so you need mum or dads permission first)

These websites and games may also be useful:

What is your understanding of similes and metaphors?

Leave a comment sharing some of your own metaphors and similes


Click here to get more Congratulation Greetings from

We have had some great things happening in our classroom and I could honestly congratulate ALL of the children in 5B for their hard work and dedication.
But special congratulations goes to Blake and Gemma for being our newly elected Junior School Council members. Well done to all of the children who put themselves forward for this position.
I would also like to congratulate our award winners from the last two assemblies:
Rebecca for working hard on her smart goal
Ashton for being able to work out the number of hours, minutes and seconds in a year
Blake for an amazing presentation on his family history
Sam O for his excellent imagination when writing a prediction for the class book

From All The Lands On Earth We Come

So, our Inquiry unit for this term is based upon the title of this post. I am looking forward to getting into it as there are so many different angles, activities and discussion that we can have!

Here’s the song that we took the inquiry title from. The picture will open a link to the whole song and a link to YouTube so you can sing along too! Mums and Dads, this might be an interesting table topic to have with your kids.



In regards to conversation starters, starting to look at the WHO, WHERE FROM, WHEN, HOW and WHY of your family’s immigration history would be extremely helpful.

I asked my mum these exact questions tonight at the dinner table and found out the following information:

My Nanna (mum’s mum) came out from New Zealand in 1951. It took the boat that she came on 3 days to sail here. Mum isn’t entirely sure what made her mum immigrate to Australia but I plan on asking my Nanna when I see her next. My Poppa (mum’s dad) also immigrated to Australia from New Zealand in the early 50’s. He met my Nanna in St Kilda at a dance and they were married within six weeks. My Poppa’s family originally came from England and Scotland.

On my dad’s side my Great Great Grandfather came out to Australia from Germany in 1853. He came out to Australia to try and make his fortune during the Gold Rush. In the late 50’s he met a girl who he later married in 1860. His 1st wife died during child birth as did the baby. Five years later he married his 1st wife’s younger sister and they went on to have 12 children (6 boys and 6 girls). Funnily enough out of the 6 boys only 1 of them had boys of their own to carry on the family name. Now it is up to my brother or my cousin to have boys otherwise the family name of ‘Hunichen’ will die out.
You could also try looking at some of these ‘Hot topic’ words, remembering of course, that where ever the conversation drifts to, we are always very respectful of others, regardless of whether we agree, disagree or are neutral on the topic.

‘Hot Topic’ words to try out

Asylum Seeker
Free Settlers
Human rights

These words are in the news and all around us every day. They will also be frequently used and discussed throughout our unit. These words are often misunderstood and misused, so it would be helpful if you could chat about these words, so that you are at least familiar with them when we come across them in our unit.

What do you think about these words?

What do they mean to you?

Have you heard them before?

Post your responses in the comments section.

A link for Mums and Dads: Talking about Multiculturalism


Bully Bull Ring

As part of our Positive Start Program we were lucky enough to have Tony Bones Entertainment come out to present their anti bullying show to us. The show featured two wonderful actors who played many different roles throughout the performance.

Below are some photos from the performance

Leave a comment detailing what the show was about, the messages that you learnt and what you thought about the show

To all of the parents who came to the Meet and Greet sessions over the last two nights. I hope that you found these sessions useful and feel confident that you’re child will have a wonderful year in Grade 5. If you have any other concerns or queries please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can reach me through my email or by calling the office and leaving a voicemail message. Alternatively I am available most mornings before school and on Monday, Thursday and Friday after school. Lastly if none of these work you can always write a not in your child”s diary or send a note in with them.

If you have misplaced the note or I forgot to give you one you can access it through the News and Notes page on this blog.

Thank you again for taking the time to come in and meet with me.

Community Evening

Last night we had an excellent turnout for our first Community Evening. This event was held as a culmination of our Positive Start Program.

Throughout the first seven days at school we have covered lots of things that we hope help your children settle back into school routines.

The school values have been an important part of this program and we hope that the children now have a better understanding of each of these values. Hopefully last night they showed you the anchor charts that we have worked on that show the behaviours we will demonstrate for each value.

Your children have all set SMART learning goals and are already working hard to achieve these goals. They have begun working on a poster that displays their strengths and today they started learning about different learning styles (you can read more about this in the posts below).

We have discussed Habits of Mind, You Can Do It and Smart Learning Behaviours (your child has all three of these glued in the back of their diary). I have been amazed at the Smart learning behaviours that the children are already showing and look forward to watching them develop throughout the year.

It was great to see so many parents attend and to see the children so excited to show you their new working space. I hope you all had a wonderful evening and were able to see how hard the children have been working in their first seven days at school!

Parents: It would be great if you could leave a comment detailing your thoughts of the evening.

Are you Cyber Safe?

How ‘Cyber Safe’ are you?

Click on the photo below to access the BTN video.

Today in class we will be discussing the importance of staying safe on-line. This BTN segment talks about some important strategies that would be valuable for you to discuss with your parents. Also there are a number of links that would be worth visiting and sharing with your parents. So…How Cyber Safe Are You?

What type of learner are you?

Today in class we will be learning all about Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.

Howard Gardner was born in America on July 11, 1943. As a child he enjoyed playing the piano and was rather studious. In his late teenage years he studied neuropsychology and psycholinguistics. In 1965 he received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard College. In 1983 (the year Miss Hunichen was born) he proposed a model based around the theory of multiple intelligences.

According to Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, humans have several different ways of processing information and these ways are relatively independent of one another. For some of us it is relatively easy to understand how a flower grows but it is immensely difficult for us to understand and use a musical instrument. For others music might be easy but playing football is difficult.

Instead of having one intelligence it is claimed that we have several different intelligences. They are as follows:

Kinaesthetic – Body Smart Linguistic – Word Smart
Logical – Number Smart Interpersonal – People Smart
Intrapersonal – Myself Smart Musical – Music Smart
Visual/Spatial – Picture Smart Naturalistic – Nature Smart

Follow the link in order to read about each of the intelligences and jot down the ones you think you fit best….

After you have done that, click take the test at the top of the page. Answer all 40 questions as best as you can.

Look carefully at your results and then make sure you screen shot your results and paste them into a Word document.

Leave a comment detailing what type of learner you thought you are compared to the type of learner that the test displayed, were you correct? Do you think the results are true to who you are?