Are you Cyber Safe?

How ‘Cyber Safe’ are you?

Click on the photo below to access the BTN video.

Today in class we will be discussing the importance of staying safe on-line. This BTN segment talks about some important strategies that would be valuable for you to discuss with your parents. Also there are a number of links that would be worth visiting and sharing with your parents. So…How Cyber Safe Are You?

2 thoughts on “Are you Cyber Safe?

  1. Hi,
    heard great things about the open night and am looking forward to meeting you at Parent/Teacher interviews this week. I also like the homework section of the blog so I can keep on top of work that’s due. cheers Nicole

    • Hi Nicole
      Thank you for your comment, I’m sure Tom passed on some good feedback of the evening. Daniel did a good job of showing off all the things he had been working on since being back at school. Once we get under way and children can bring their netbooks home, I will make sure that the homework section of the blog is updated and will share this section of the blog with the children.
      Looking forward to catching up with you on Wednesday evening.

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