Bully Bull Ring

As part of our Positive Start Program we were lucky enough to have Tony Bones Entertainment come out to present their anti bullying show to us. The show featured two wonderful actors who played many different roles throughout the performance.

Below are some photos from the performance

Leave a comment detailing what the show was about, the messages that you learnt and what you thought about the show

4 thoughts on “Bully Bull Ring

  1. Dear miss hunichen,
    I thought the bully bull ring was really funny
    I think my favourite animal from the bully bull ring was the elephant because the advice she gave to bellamy was really important to do when you get bullied.
    see you tomorrow

    • Hi Ethan
      Great job for writing an insightful comment about the Bully Bull Ring Incursion. Can you remember what the advice was that the elephant gave Bellamy? I thought that the show was very valuable and was amazed at what a great job the two actors did to play the roles of all of the characters. I hope that everyone got lots out of this performance and remember to use these helpful strategies if they are ever bullied.
      Miss Hunichen

  2. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    This show was really funny and super hilarious.
    It was about 4 bulls and 3 bulls were being mean to the other one.
    This show teaches us to stand up to bullies and don’t let them get you down.


    • Hi Sam
      It’s great to read a comment on the blog from you. I’m glad you enjoyed the bully bull ring incursion. I thought it was very clever and was surprised that it contained so many characters when there were only 2 actors. I learnt lots of great strategies for dealing with bullies and I hope you did too.
      Miss Hunichen

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