From All The Lands On Earth We Come

So, our Inquiry unit for this term is based upon the title of this post. I am looking forward to getting into it as there are so many different angles, activities and discussion that we can have!

Here’s the song that we took the inquiry title from. The picture will open a link to the whole song and a link to YouTube so you can sing along too! Mums and Dads, this might be an interesting table topic to have with your kids.



In regards to conversation starters, starting to look at the WHO, WHERE FROM, WHEN, HOW and WHY of your family’s immigration history would be extremely helpful.

I asked my mum these exact questions tonight at the dinner table and found out the following information:

My Nanna (mum’s mum) came out from New Zealand in 1951. It took the boat that she came on 3 days to sail here. Mum isn’t entirely sure what made her mum immigrate to Australia but I plan on asking my Nanna when I see her next. My Poppa (mum’s dad) also immigrated to Australia from New Zealand in the early 50’s. He met my Nanna in St Kilda at a dance and they were married within six weeks. My Poppa’s family originally came from England and Scotland.

On my dad’s side my Great Great Grandfather came out to Australia from Germany in 1853. He came out to Australia to try and make his fortune during the Gold Rush. In the late 50’s he met a girl who he later married in 1860. His 1st wife died during child birth as did the baby. Five years later he married his 1st wife’s younger sister and they went on to have 12 children (6 boys and 6 girls). Funnily enough out of the 6 boys only 1 of them had boys of their own to carry on the family name. Now it is up to my brother or my cousin to have boys otherwise the family name of ‘Hunichen’ will die out.
You could also try looking at some of these ‘Hot topic’ words, remembering of course, that where ever the conversation drifts to, we are always very respectful of others, regardless of whether we agree, disagree or are neutral on the topic.

‘Hot Topic’ words to try out

Asylum Seeker
Free Settlers
Human rights

These words are in the news and all around us every day. They will also be frequently used and discussed throughout our unit. These words are often misunderstood and misused, so it would be helpful if you could chat about these words, so that you are at least familiar with them when we come across them in our unit.

What do you think about these words?

What do they mean to you?

Have you heard them before?

Post your responses in the comments section.

A link for Mums and Dads: Talking about Multiculturalism


10 thoughts on “From All The Lands On Earth We Come

  1. I think that migrate means people that came from a different continent to a different continent.
    like my family, My dad’s side came from Denmark to Australia

    from Victoria 🙂

    • Hi Victoria,
      Well done for posting a comment on the blog, next time try to work on adding some more detail. You are definitely correct with the definition of migrate. Do you know what the difference is between immigrate and emmigrate?
      Are you able to give me some more information on why your dads side of the family came to Australia and when they came out?

      Miss Hunichen

  2. Hi
    I think these words are important words for Australia because they represent how it was formed to how it is today.
    Some of the words describe how people come to Australia (or other countries). If people come here illegally they will get deported which means turned around. People who come here legally will take a test which will allow them to become citizens and live here. People become asylum seekers or refugees when they can’t live in their own countries or there is war going on in their countries or they want a better life. When people move here from other countries and they bring their foods, clothes and customs that is how Australia became a multicultural country.
    I have heard some of these words before but I didn’t really know what they meant until I discussed it with mum.
    I also did a citizenship badge at scouts where we learnt about different state flags and Australian emblems.

    From Logan

    • Hi Logan
      Well done for using your time wisely in order to already tick off one of the weekends homework tasks. Your blog comment is detailed and well thought out as well as using strong language. Your comment also begins with a great introductory sentence. You seem to have quite a good understanding about most of the hot topic words! I’m glad that you spent time discussing these words with mum as it will really help you throughout the next few weeks of our inquiry unit. Do you know what the difference is between immigrate and emigrate and can you think of any particular events that have influenced why people have left their countries?
      Miss Hunichen

  3. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    Sorry I’ve been away I have been sick.
    I think Culture & Multiculture means lots of people from different places altogether as one.
    As for Migrate and Immigrate I think that it means people from other countries come to other countries to live and be happy.
    For refuge I’m not 100 % sure on so I will have to find out and the same with Asylum seekers I think it is someone that comes into countries illegally.
    As for free seeker I think it is someone who comes into a countrie for free. Again not 100% on that.
    Citizenship I think is people who work together in a community.
    I not so sure about deportation again I will have to look it up.
    A convict I think is a young person who did something bad and got sent away to be a servant.
    Human rights I think are rights that are givin to a human.

    I have heard most of them before the ones I have heard are
    – Culture,
    – Multicultral,
    – Migrate,
    – Immigration,
    – Refugee,
    – Asylum seeker ( mostly on T.V),
    – Citizenship,
    – Convict ,
    – And I think Human Rights.

    Thanks Miss Hunichen I hope that this is the homework we were meant to do.
    Bye From

    • Hi Kim sweetie,
      I’m sorry to hear that you have been unwell, I hope that you are starting to feel better and that we see you back at school on Monday. The classroom just hasn’t been the same without you! Well done for getting on the blog and for using your initiative to take on some homework.

      The other homework that I set was about making sure Writer’s Notebook covers are done by Wednesday and the other 2 pieces of homework I’ll help you catch up on next week.

      We started looking at our class book, you could look up what the front cover and the blurb look like and write some predictions on what you think the story will be about. The book is called Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman.

      We also began collating some of the data for our family history so we will add yours to the tally next week. In writing we worked on writing some description for a beach picture and today we focused on similes and metaphors.

      You have done a fabulous job in regards to the hot topic words listed in this post, you are on the right track with most of them. We will discuss these more in class next week so you will have time to look up the ones you are still unsure about. What did you do in order to find out the meanings of the the hot topic words, discussion with mum, or research on the computer or dictionary?

      Make sure you rest on the weekend.
      Miss Hunichen

  4. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I was just looking up Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzmen. And I predict that:
    Judging from the front cover I think it is about a boy/girl who goes on many adventures and is a cheeky boy/girl and gets into a bit of trouble.

    With the words and what they mean. Most of them I think I knew just trying to refresh my mind. And also what I thought of when I heard those words . But some I didn’t know like:
    – Free settlers
    – Deportation
    And I wasn’t 100% sure on the
    – Asylum seeker
    – And human rights.
    I am going to find out what they mean and give the answers to you on Monday.
    Thanks Miss Hunichen
    From Kim 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Kim
      I’m glad that you spent some time while you were away thinking about our class novel. Are you enjoying it so far? It deals with some very sensitive issues in the next few chapters and we be discussing these in class over the next few days. Have you worked out why we chose this particular novel for the term?
      We will also be looking at discussing the words that you are unsure of, although you may now know what some of these words mean after doing research on your own family history?
      Looking forward to your response.
      Miss Hunichen

  5. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I’ve heard all of the words, but not 100% sure what they all mean. I’m not sure what refugee means, but I have heard of it before. Probably on TV. Asylum seeker, I’m not sure about that one. I’m probably okay with the others.

    I think all of the words partly mean something about moving to Australia. The words sum up our Inquiry.

    I hope your having a good weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.

  6. Dear Bec
    Yes, you are on the right track, the words definitely sum up our inquiry unit. Have you been able to work out why we may have chosen Boy Overboard as our class novel?
    I’m looking forward to discussing the above words in class in more detail to see what each of you think they mean. There are certainly some tricky words there and I think I might learn something too.
    Miss Hunichen

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