Similes and Metaphors

What on earth do these two words mean?? Can you explain to your parents what they mean??

The following videos might help you (They are You tube videos so you need mum or dads permission first)

These websites and games may also be useful:

What is your understanding of similes and metaphors?

Leave a comment sharing some of your own metaphors and similes


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We have had some great things happening in our classroom and I could honestly congratulate ALL of the children in 5B for their hard work and dedication.
But special congratulations goes to Blake and Gemma for being our newly elected Junior School Council members. Well done to all of the children who put themselves forward for this position.
I would also like to congratulate our award winners from the last two assemblies:
Rebecca for working hard on her smart goal
Ashton for being able to work out the number of hours, minutes and seconds in a year
Blake for an amazing presentation on his family history
Sam O for his excellent imagination when writing a prediction for the class book