Similes and Metaphors

What on earth do these two words mean?? Can you explain to your parents what they mean??

The following videos might help you (They are You tube videos so you need mum or dads permission first)

These websites and games may also be useful:

What is your understanding of similes and metaphors?

Leave a comment sharing some of your own metaphors and similes

11 thoughts on “Similes and Metaphors

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I just finished watching the two videos with my Mum. We have thought of one simile and one metaphore about my dog, Bella.
    Simile: Bella is as big as an elephant.
    Metaphore: Bella was a kangaroo jumping high
    From Bec

    • Hi Bec
      Well Done for sharing the simile and metaphor videos with your mum. I hope that she enjoyed watching them. Do you have any good tips on how we can remember the difference between a simile and a metaphor? I like the two examples you have given and look forward to reading more of them in your Australian Poem.
      Miss Hunichen

    • Hi Ashton
      You have been very busy tonight! Well done for finding some time to get on the blog and exploring a number of different posts and web links. I hope that you now have a good grasp of similes and metaphors. I’m looking forward to reading your Australia poem.
      Miss Hunichen

  2. Dear Miss Hunichen.
    I really learnt a lot about metaphors and similes. But with the second video I think the people that made it had made it a bit too fast because I could not read the words to quickly!
    From Sam P.

    • Hi Sam
      You have given some good feedback on the two videos. I will have to have another look at the second video to see what you mean. You need to make sure that you respond to what the post is asking… I’m curious to know how you would define the words simile and metaphor and was looking forward to reading some examples of your own. Hopefully your Australia Poem will have some of each.
      Miss Hunichen

  3. Dear Miss Hunichen
    I have learnt a lot about similes and Metaphors I have made some about my brother like:
    He is annoying like the Annoying Orange
    He is annoying as a clown

    • Hi Josh
      I’m glad that you are feeling more confident with similes and metaphors. They definitely make our writing more interesting, so I am very much looking forward to reading everyone’s Australia poems. I’ll have to keep my eye out for the best simile!
      Miss Hunichen

  4. Dear Miss Hunichen
    During the 2 weeks that we have learnt the Similes and Metaphors I have learnt so much about them because I did not know what they meant and now I have them stuck in my head.

    From Eliza

    • Hi Eliza
      I’m glad that you are feeling more confident with similes and metaphors. I still find that metaphors can be a bit more confusing than similes. Have you got any tips on how I can remember the difference? Do you have a great simile or metaphor that you can share with us? Did you find any other youtube clips that may be helpful for learning about similes and metaphors?
      Miss Hunichen

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