Being a citizen of the Cyber World

Today in class we will be discussing the term ‘digital footprint’. But what does the term ‘digital footprint’ mean??

Have a look at the video below, taking notes on the images they use and think about how each of the images conveys privacy.

The image below is a link to the ABC’s “BTN” (“Behind The News”) website.  “BTN” is a fantastic news show for students that features great segments about current events and issues that affect our society.

Digital Footprint 24052011, Behind the News - Windows Internet Explorer_2014-02-13_20-39-08

This news segment is about how we each have a digital footprint. At the end of the segment we are told that whilst we can’t help but contribute to our digital footprint we can help to keep it smaller.

Password Power 29112011, Behind the News - Windows Internet Explorer_2014-02-13_21-04-48

The video above gives some interesting information and helpful advice in regards to setting passwords.

Here are some useful websites in regards to digital footprints:

Can you find any other useful websites in regards to managing your digital footprint?

Have a think about the following statement and respond thoughtfully in a detailed blog comment.

We are all citizens of the cyber world.

In your comment, include:

  • Your definition of a digital footprint
  • 2 facts from the video segment
  • What thoughts, ideas, wonderings you have, for example, do you think a digital footprint is a good thing to have?
  • Your ways to keep your digital footprint safe and healthy

Remember, what you post online goes out there forever! Make sure your comment is 10/10 before you hit publish!