Tick Tock, Tick Tock…. What’s the time Mr Wolf?

Today in class we will be exploring time. I’m keen to find out what you already know about this topic.

We have done a little bit of work on time in regards to the number of days that are in a month, fortnight or year. We also looked at how many minutes are in an hour and how many seconds are in a minute. We did some work yesterday on creating a timetable of our after school activities. Time is so important, it’s everywhere and it’s imperative that we know how to work with it.

Today we will begin by investigating time on a clock, starting with what each of the hands on the clock measures, before moving into telling time. Once we are confident in telling time to the minute we will be looking at solving time problems and working out elapsed time.

I’m looking for some useful websites to help with these skills and am hoping that you will be able to help me. When looking for a maths website you need to think about whether it is a good one or not.

Here’s a link to one that Miss John showed me: http://primarygamesarena.com/Bang-on-time2571

So? What does make a good maths website? Here are some questions to get you thinking.

Is the website easy to navigate?
Are there definite instructions for the game you are playing?
Does the website have up to date and relevant information about maths?
Is the website interesting and engaging?
Are the games easy to play? Are they too hard? Are they too easy?
Is the website too distracting?

Miss Hunichen, does the website have to be a games website?

NO! Of course not! If you find a good maths website with definitions and explanations about time to help us, then you can use that website.

Post your website as a blog comment with your reasons as to why it is a good maths website for time.
I look forward to seeing what websites you can discover! I will post the great websites under our maths page with your descriptions!

Good Luck!

(P.S, make sure you read up on how to write a good blog comment if you’re not sure about how to post! Remember, you can respond to one another!)

Ongoing Homework Tasks

Today in Maths we created a timetable to show our after school activities so that we could discover where our spare hours are for homework. It would be great if you could share your timetables with mum or dad before we print them as they may be able to help you with and check the times of activities that you have put in.

As we now all know, even if Miss Hunichen isn’t setting specific homework there is always something to do. I have attached the document you were given today, so whether its the digital copy from here or the paper copy in your diary you need to share it with mum and dad.

Ongoing Homework Tasks

Don’t forget to check the ‘What??? We Have homework’ page regularly also and if you are ever unsure about a homework task you have my email address so that you can have any questions answered.

Do you have any particular homework tips that you think would be helpful to your classmates?

Why do you think homework is important?