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On Tuesday 11th of March we had two very special visitors to our school. Kyle Hardingham and Nick Kommer came to talk to the grade 5/6 students. Even if you are not an Essendon supporter it was fantastic to have two professional AFL players visit New Gisborne Primary. They came to explain a little bit about what it was like to be an AFL player. We heard all about their training routines, how important nutrition was as well as the sacrifices they had made to achieve their goal of becoming a professional football player.
The students asked lots of interesting questions and at the end some Essendon fans were lucky enough to get their footy jumpers or footballs signed.


Football players visit schools to publicise AFL and their team but also to inform and educate us.

Do you think it is worthwhile having them visit schools?

Post a comment with your opinion and why you believe that.

8 thoughts on “Essendon Footballers Visit

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I thought that the Essendon footy players talk was really good, I especially liked that everyone got involved and the players would answer any questions that you asked them. Something I thought wasn’t so good was the first bit when the players talked about fitness It could of had better description of the training they have to do, but apart from that it ended up being quite a good speech.
    bye from Daniel

    • Hi Daniel
      You have done a great job reflecting on the speech from the Essendon players. At times I found them hard to hear and I missed hearing a lot of the children’s questions as they spoke very softly. I thought the players would have spoken a little bit longer about their training regimes and their diets before they took questions. I was pleased though with lots of the questions that were asked, I thought they were generally very sensible. Did you ask any questions? What else would you like to know? Do you think that they might have information on the AFL website for you to look at?
      Miss Hunichen

  2. dear, miss hunichen
    I think that i is important that they come to schools to talk about healthy eating and what they have to do to stay healthy or else we will not know how to eat right. Also it was just fun having footy players come in.

    • Hi Logan
      I’m glad that you enjoyed having the Essendon players come and speak to us. I believe that healthy eating and exercise is extremely important as it helps our bodies to stay fit and in a healthy weight range. Can you tell me what you know about healthy eating and exercise? What foods do you believe that you should consume on a daily basis and how much of them? In regards to exercise what do you think we should be suggesting for children your age? I try and go to the gym most days of the week and do dancing a couple of nights a week too. I find that I feel tired if I don’t exercise too. What sports do you enjoy?
      Miss Hunichen
      PS – Don’t forget to use capital letters and to sign off with ‘from Logan’

      • Hi Miss Hunichen,

        I did Footy last year, but this year I choose to do Scouts instead because the times clashed. At scouts we do rock climbing, canoeing, hiking and lots of other activities. I like wake boarding and kneeboarding when we go waterskiing. I also ride my bike all the time. Maybe I will play soccer too, like at school. I know you should eat 5 vegetables and 2 fruits a day at least. Meat and dairy is good too, but sweet things are only for sometimes. I think all kids should do something for exercise every day, whatever they enjoy.

        From Logan

        • Dear Logan
          Scouts sounds like it covers lots of really cool things. I used to do a little bit of rock climbing when I was younger because it was something that my dad enjoyed doing. I would really like to visit the big rock climbing place in the city, have you been there? I think Mr Andrea goes rock climbing there sometimes. The last time I rock climbed was when I went on Somers Camp a few years ago. This opportunity will come up for you guys next year, it’s a fantastic camp that I really think everyone should put their name down for.
          I would like to waterski more as I have only been once and that was late last year. I was pretty proud of myself though as I was able to get up first go. Keeping active is really important so it’s great that you ride your bike lots too.
          I’m trying to make sure I eat more fruit and vegetables at the moment and less sweets and biscuits. I have a very sweet tooth though and love desserts and chocolate!! Do you have any favourite foods?
          Miss Hunichen

  3. Dear anyone who reads it,
    I really enjoyed the essendon footy players talk and learning what it’s like to be a footy player.
    I think it was really facinating.
    From Ethan πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ethan,
      Rather than starting with ‘dear anyone who reads it’ you may prefer to start with ‘Hi everyone’. What did you learn specifically from the Essendon footy players? You said that you found it fascinating, was there a particular moment or reason that you feel this way? Even though I follow North Melbourne it was pretty cool to have AFL footballers visit our school. Last year Brendan Goddard was one of the players who came out. I think that no matter which club they come from they will generally all follow the same training and dietry plans.
      Miss Hunichen

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