In Maths this week we have begun to talk about Multiplication. We discovered that an array is a helpful way to show multiplication problems. An array is a rectangular or square pattern of items arranged in columns and rows and is also evenly spaced. When we describe arrays we write the number of columns first.
The following website explains it in further details and has activities for you to try:

Can you find examples of arrays around your house?

Why do you think arrays are useful?

Can you find some good maths websites on arrays?

Timeline of Immigration

Over the next week or so we will be investigating some of the events that have influenced migration over the years. Once we have researched some of these events we will be creating a timeline.

‘What is a timeline?’ I hear you ask. Well that is what we are going to start with. See if you can find three examples of different timelines and take a snipping tool of them. Once you have your 3 snips, paste them into a Word document. Now you are ready to start thinking about what the important parts of a timeline are. What are the features? How are they set out?

Now that you have some sort of understanding on what a timeline is and how they are set out you are ready to start doing some research. You will begin by looking at the following website:

Where have you seen timelines before?

What specific features do timelines have?


Our class novel for this term is Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman. This story is set in Afghanistan. So what do we currently know about Afghanistan from the book:

– The country has lots of landmines, both active and inactive

– There is an extremely strict government with many absurd laws in place, some of these are as follows:

  • Children are not allowed to play soccer
  • Girls are forbidden from having an education
  • Females are not allowed outside unless they are accompanied by a male relative
  • Cassette tapes are confiscated and thrown up into the light poles as music is banned
  • Fizzy drink is also banned

You have been asked to find out a little bit more about the Afghanistan Government and what has caused these strict laws.

Today in class we will be doing some further research. We will be completing some reading and watching the following clips from Behind the News. The first clip is from April 2012 and gives a clear picture of what caused the War in Afghanistan. Here is the link so that you can read the transcript:

The second clip talks about what life is like in Afghanistan. Even though the clip is from June 2010 the information it contains is still relevant to the discussion we will be having.


Lastly the following website contains some useful information:

What have you learnt about Afghanistan?

How are these videos related to our class novel?


Cross Country

On Friday the 14th of March all of the Grade 3-6 children participated in the Cross Counrty. Before we could even run the race we had to walk down into Gisborne. We met Mr G at Gardiner Reserve and assembled in our house colours.

The 10 year old age group ran a 2km track while the 11, 12 and 13 year old age group ran a 3km track.

Congratulations to all children that participated, it was a long hot day and I think you did well to get through it all. Special congratulations to the following children for placing in their age groups; Jack H – 1st 11yo boys, Ashton – 4th 11yo boys, Blake – 6th 11yo boys, Logan – 10th 11yo boys, Daniel – 12th 11yo boys and to our only girl that placed, Ruby L – 4th 11yo girls.

Special thanks goes to Mr G for organising such a fabulous event, to the PA for organising fruit and cordial for after we raced and to all the wonderful parents who manned the checkpoints so we were safe at all times.

Leave a comment reflecting on the Cross Country.

Don’t forget to think about and include the Six Thinking Hats and the Habits of Mind.