In Maths this week we have begun to talk about Multiplication. We discovered that an array is a helpful way to show multiplication problems. An array is a rectangular or square pattern of items arranged in columns and rows and is also evenly spaced. When we describe arrays we write the number of columns first.
The following website explains it in further details and has activities for you to try:Β

Can you find examples of arrays around your house?

Why do you think arrays are useful?

Can you find some good maths websites on arrays?

8 thoughts on “Arrays

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I have seen all of the arrays they all look very nice! Some have big arrays and some have small arrays, but they are all excellent in there own way. I liked making them in class because, when I made them I made lots of patterns and cool things like checkers.

    • Hi Talon,
      I’m glad you have had a chance to look through the arrays slideshow. I think everybody did a great job. It was a little bit trickier today when you had to make as many different arrays for the number 12 as you could. How did you go with it? Did you understand what the task was and the discussion we had on factors? Have you found any arrays around your home? Daniel emailed me some great photos of arrays that he found around his house tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of others. Next week we will be looking for arrays around the school and creating an arrays poster. Try and do some further research on factors and multiples.
      Miss Hunichen

  2. Hello Miss Hunichen and everybody reading,
    I really liked the arrays are we going to do more of them? I was wondering if we will be doing any work with making our own arrays and putting the in the class?
    bye sally πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sally
      Great to see you commenting on the blog, you have used correct punctuation in most places and generally good sentence structure. I’m unsure what you mean by your last sentence as I think you may have left a word out. I’m glad you are enjoying our mini unit on arrays. We will certainly be doing some more work with arrays. Don’t forget to start looking for arrays around your home, I wonder what you will find. Next week we will be looking for arrays around the school and we will be creating an arrays poster too. Don’t forget to look into factors a little bit more too…. Can you give me the factors for 18?
      Miss Hunichen

  3. Hi Miss Hunichen and other readers,

    I loved the movie on our arrays. When i first learnt about arrays i loved them. I wanted to do more and more and more and more! I absolutely loved it. I love doing arrays they are so much fun. I can’t wait to do more. Can we do more of arrays later on?

    Thanks Miss Hunichen
    From Kim.

    • Hi Kim
      Thank you for your comment on arrays however you need to work on making your response a quality comment. Your comment is quite repetitive, using the word love or loved an awful lot. You haven’t answered any of the questions that I posed at the bottom of the post either. We will definitely be doing more work on arrays this week at school. We are going to be searching our school yard for arrays as well as making an arrays poster. Have you been able to find out any more about factors? Knowing about factors may help you understand prime and composite numbers, can you work out why?
      Miss Hunichen

  4. Hi Miss Hunichen
    I liked making the arrays poster that we did. Ruby’s was excellent and looked really cool (even though she didn’t have a heading). I also liked Ethan’s because it was a big poster with a big array and lots of info. I enjoyed taking the photos too to get the pictures.
    I really enjoyed this task
    From Ashton πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Ashton
      You have done a great job over the holidays to complete all of the necessary blog comments, you must have worked really hard. I’m glad you enjoyed the arrays around the school poster, it was fun to be able to search for arrays outside and to take the photos yourself, it helps to give you ownership of the task. Why do you think that Ruby’s poster was so effective?
      Miss Hunichen

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