Cross Country

On Friday the 14th of March all of the Grade 3-6 children participated in the Cross Counrty. Before we could even run the race we had to walk down into Gisborne. We met Mr G at Gardiner Reserve and assembled in our house colours.

The 10 year old age group ran a 2km track while the 11, 12 and 13 year old age group ran a 3km track.

Congratulations to all children that participated, it was a long hot day and I think you did well to get through it all. Special congratulations to the following children for placing in their age groups; Jack H – 1st 11yo boys, Ashton – 4th 11yo boys, Blake – 6th 11yo boys, Logan – 10th 11yo boys, Daniel – 12th 11yo boys and to our only girl that placed, Ruby L – 4th 11yo girls.

Special thanks goes to Mr G for organising such a fabulous event, to the PA for organising fruit and cordial for after we raced and to all the wonderful parents who manned the checkpoints so we were safe at all times.

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2 thoughts on “Cross Country

  1. Hello Miss Hunichen and everybody reading,
    I really loved the cross country day. I had a lot of fun. Luckily I had no injuries. I really liked the track. My favorite bit of the track was the puritanical gardens because we got to the the nice plants.
    bye from sally πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sally
      I’m glad the you enjoyed the cross country day. We were lucky to have such great weather, although it may have been a little too warm. I’m glad that you didn’t sustain any injuries on the day, the first aid tent did seem to be fairly busy. The Botanical Gardens in Gisborne is a lovely place to be, I think if I lived in Gisborne I would spend some time on the walking tracks through these gardens.
      Miss Hunichen

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