Timeline of Immigration

Over the next week or so we will be investigating some of the events that have influenced migration over the years. Once we have researched some of these events we will be creating a timeline.

‘What is a timeline?’ I hear you ask. Well that is what we are going to start with. See if you can find three examples of different timelines and take a snipping tool of them. Once you have your 3 snips, paste them into a Word document. Now you are ready to start thinking about what the important parts of a timeline are. What are the features? How are they set out?

Now that you have some sort of understanding on what a timeline is and how they are set out you are ready to start doing some research. You will begin by looking at the following website:Β http://museumvictoria.com.au/discoverycentre/websites-mini/immigration-timeline/

Where have you seen timelines before?

What specific features do timelines have?

6 thoughts on “Timeline of Immigration

  1. Hi Miss Hunchien,

    I can’t wait to start working on my timeline. Also i noticed that something i put in what i think that could improve from the immigration. It was give us the criteria before we start. Thank you for doing that i now understand what to do and i am so excited to start.

    So far as i can remember i haven’t seen timelines before i don’t think.

    I think timelines have description on what the timeline is about. Also arrows pointing to description and images. You also need images as another thing. Sometimes a heading.

    Thanks Miss Hunichen
    from Kim

    • Hi Kim
      This is a much better blog comment from you. I like that you have organised your comment into paragraphs and that you have used correct grammar and punctuation in most parts, don’t forget that ‘I’ should always be a capital. You do need to reread the second sentence you have written though as I’m not quite sure what you are trying to say?
      It’s good to hear that you are excited about starting your timeline project. We will be making a start on these tomorrow after lunch. I really think that having the criteria will make the task easier as you know what you need to research.
      Have you decided on the best way to present your timeline yet?
      Miss Hunichen

  2. Dear Miss H
    I had a look at prezi it needs a a school email to make it work but looking at it looks pretty cool
    from vic

    • Hi Victoria
      I’m glad that you have had a chance to look at Prezi in your own time. I would love to hear a little bit more about it and why you think it looks cool. Remember it’s important to add specific detail to our blog comments and to use correct punctuation.
      Miss Hunichen

  3. Dear anyone who reads it,
    I usually I see timelines in hisory books and in family records.
    A timeline usually has names or places writen on them and information about the person or place and the time and date.
    Ethan πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ethan
      I think I may have mentioned this to you before, I think it would be better if you begun your comments with ‘Hi Everyone’ or ‘Dear Miss Hunichen and 5B or others’. I don’t think that ‘Dear anyone who reads it’ sounds right. You have done a great job to address the questions in the post though. Try to add a little bit more detail next time. How are you going with your Immigration Timeline? Don’t forget that it is due in on Friday the 4th of April.
      Miss Hunichen

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