Understanding Time Zones….

On Friday we began investigating time zones across the world. Miss Hunichen posed an interesting question, she wanted to know:

‘In five minutes will it be 12 noon in ALL countries across the world?’


We took a vote and funnily all of us decided that no it wouldn’t be. Miss Hunichen thought that might be the end of the investigation because we already gave her the answer. However, we were very keen to find out why the above statement isn’t true. Why are there different times around the world?

So we all set off to start researching. Miss Hunichen came around and asked us about about search terms and what we thought in response to her question. She asked why a lot and made us think deeper about our answers. After about fifteen minutes of research time we got together with someone from a different table and spoke to them about what we had found out. We had discovered lots of things, take a look below!


These new discoveries left us asking the question you can see above in red, ‘Who decides what time it is and where?’ and ‘What is a time zone?’ We spent a little bit of time researching this and found the following website useful: http://www.timeanddate.com/

We still have lots of wonderings though! You can view them below on our Padlet wall. It might be easier to visit the actual wall by clicking on the following link: http://padlet.com/wall/mszoz16chu

It’s quite a complicated subject to understand.
What are they?  When were they introduced? Why are they necessary? How are they decided?

Viewing the videos below may help you to understand it all a little bit better.

What did you learn from these two videos and the research you completed?

Can you answer any of our wonderings?