Life in an Afghanistan Refugee Camp

Over the past few weeks the children of Grade 5B have been researching what it might be like for Jamal and Bibi, who are the main characters from our class novel, Boy Overboard.

We have watched a couple of videos from BTN, you will find this post further down. In order to complete the coming writing task you may need to re-watch them.

On Friday we viewed a particularly sad video about what be like to live in a refugee camp in Afghanistan. You can view the video again by clicking on the following link: or by clicking play on the video below.

While you are watching the video, record a Wow! moment.

Remember, a Wow! moment is a part of a text that gives you a reaction or feeling. It can be a feeling, what you were thinking would happen, a prediction that turned out right or something else, as long as it made you react somehow! We will be using these WOW moments as part of our information reports.

What did you learn from watching the video?

How did the video make you feel? Make sure you give specific details.