Life in an Afghanistan Refugee Camp

Over the past few weeks the children of Grade 5B have been researching what it might be like for Jamal and Bibi, who are the main characters from our class novel, Boy Overboard.

We have watched a couple of videos from BTN, you will find this post further down. In order to complete the coming writing task you may need to re-watch them.

On Friday we viewed a particularly sad video about what be like to live in a refugee camp in Afghanistan. You can view the video again by clicking on the following link:ΒΒ or by clicking play on the video below.

While you are watching the video, record a Wow! moment.

Remember, a Wow! moment is a part of a text that gives you a reaction or feeling. It can be a feeling, what you were thinking would happen, a prediction that turned out right or something else, as long as it made you react somehow! We will be using these WOW moments as part of our information reports.

What did you learn from watching the video?

How did the video make you feel? Make sure you give specific details.

8 thoughts on “Life in an Afghanistan Refugee Camp

  1. Dear Miss H
    My wow moment was when the children and women have to go out to the streets
    to beg for money that horrible.
    form vic

    • Hi Victoria
      You still need to work on adding more detail to your blog comments. Make sure that you reread your blog comments before submitting them to check for spelling and punctuation errors. Why did you choose your particular WOW moment, how did it make you feel? Adding extra detail makes your comments more interesting to read and encourages you to think about things on a deeper level. Keep working at it, persistence is the key!
      Miss Hunichen

  2. Dear anyone who reads it,
    I learnt from the video that even though people are sending help and money to the people in the refugee camps nothing is getting done becuase the government keeps on taking all the aid and money that was soposed to go to the camp.

    The video made me feel sad and feel like I should give the refugees money. becuase of seeing everyone begging and asking for money in the streets.

    Ethan πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ethan
      I’m very pleased to see that you obviously scheduled a homework session to complete a few blog comments. Are you managing to stick to your homework timetable? I think we may need to organise a session where we spend some time reflecting on this!
      It’s very difficult to understand all the politics that come with refugees and international aid. I hope that while the video made you feel sad it also made you realise how lucky we are to live in Australia. Can you think of some reasons why we are so lucky to live where we do?
      Miss Hunichen

  3. Hi Miss Hunichen
    Wowwwww! It’s really sad that all those people are dying and live horribly. We should be more grateful that we live in Australia. My WOW moment for the video is how people take the sacrifices to have a better life. Like when the guy had to sell his kidney and put lots of plastic in the fire to keep them warm when wood is to expensive. Worse sometimes only one child can have medicine and the plastic in the fire just makes them sick again.
    I thi9nk were really lucky to live in Australia because it must be horrifying to live in Afghanistan.
    From Ashton πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ashton
      This is a fabulous blog comment. You have used some very powerful language and have explained your reasons for your WOW moment well. I think you’re right, we often take living here for granted. I believe that because this is all we know we don’t tend to think that it’s that special. It’s not until we really look deeply into the way others live that we realise how lucky we are. I’m glad that our study into Afghanistan has made you realise it a little bit more. It’s little things like walking down the street freely and without the fear of being blown up. Just imagine not going to school!!! I know you probably think that would be a good thing though?? What would you do with all of your free time?
      Miss Hunichen

    • Hi Jack
      It’s great to see you commenting on the blog and to hear that you have been sharing your homework with dad and that you have been reading. Have you read anything that has really interested you over the holidays? I tried to borrow Girl Underground from the Sunbury library but all of the copies were out. What did you think of our class novel, Boy Overboard? I would be really interested to hear your thoughts.
      Miss Hunichen

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