Afghan Refugees

Wile Jamal and Bibi have been lucky enough to leave the refugee camp they were living in for a short time there are unfortunately other refugees who aren’t as lucky. Earlier in the week we looked at a slideshow of images that helped us to describe the conditions in Afghanistan and to think about what it would be like to be a refugee.

Unfortunately we didn’t get through the entire slideshow but you can view the rest of it yourself by opening the Powerpoint below:

Afghan Refugees Slideshow

Even though the PDF is more a teacher lesson plan I have also attached it as it will help you to understand what each of the slides is about.

Afghan Refugees

As you were looking at the slideshow you were asked to make some connections, whether they be Text to Text (T2T), Text to self (T2S) or Text to World (T2W). Consider these connections as you view the rest of the slideshow. Are you able to make any new connections? The document below gives you some examples of connections that we might make:

Text Connections

I would love to hear about some of the connections that you made while viewing the Powerpoint Presentation. Please explain them in a detailed comment.

Are there things that you would still like to find out? Explain.