SMART Learning Goals

At the beginning of the year we spoke about setting SMART learning goals. This meant that our goal had to be:

* Specific

* Measurable

* Achievable

* Results based

* Time bound

We based our goals around the Habits of Mind, You Can Do It and Smart Learning Behaviours. Many of us set goals based around Organisation and Persistence. Over the past few weeks we have set pictures of our Smart Learning goal as our desktop background on our netbooks. This has encouraged us to be a little bit more aware of what our goal is and how we are going about achieving it.

I’d like to hear about how you think you went. Don’t forget to include what your Smart Goal was and information about it. You should be able to lift this part straight from your Smart Learning Goal document. Then you need to reflect on how you think you have gone about achieving it. You need to be critically honest with yourself. If you don’t think you have achieved your goal say so and give some reasons why you think this might be the case. If you have achieved your goal how did you manage it?

Conclusion of Boy Overboard

Jamal and Bibi have certainly taken us on some adventures throughout Term One but Term One is over and so is our class novel, Boy Overboard. Jamal and Bibi have been a huge part of our classroom over the last term and think I could safely say that we have loved every minute of their story. They surprised us, made us laugh and in parts made us gasp in shock and horror. There were very memorable scenes from this amazing story by Morris Gleitzman.

I‘d love to hear what you thought about the book. Here are some questions to get you thinking. You don’t have to address all of them in your comment, you may be able to think of other things you want to talk about. Just remember to include plenty of detail.

* Who was your favorite character and why?

* Which scene was your favorite and why?

* Was there a particular scene that evoked a particular emotion? Explain

* Were you happy with the way the story ended? How would you have changed it?

* Did you enjoy the story? Why/ Why not?

* Is there anything in the story that you would change and why?

* Can you remember any particularly outstanding WOW moments?

Table Master…. Take the Challenge

A few weeks ago you were introduced to the Table Master Challenge which requires you to complete 144 times tables within a given time limit. At the moment I have been extremely generous, and as such, you have been given ten minutes to complete the challenge. This will change next term.

I would like to know about your performance so far on this task. Cast your mind back to your first attempt… What was your time and score and how has it improved? Try to set yourself a SMART goal. See the post on Smart Learning Goals if you can’t remember what these are.


How did you feel? What was your time and score?
What improvement have you made?

Oh …and there is nothing stopping you from bringing a few of these home to practise!