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Jamal and Bibi have certainly taken us on some adventures throughout Term One but Term One is over and so is our class novel, Boy Overboard. Jamal and Bibi have been a huge part of our classroom over the last term and think I could safely say that we have loved every minute of their story. They surprised us, made us laugh and in parts made us gasp in shock and horror. There were very memorable scenes from this amazing story by Morris Gleitzman.

Iβ€˜d love to hear what you thought about the book. Here are some questions to get you thinking. You don’t have to address all of them in your comment, you may be able to think of other things you want to talk about. Just remember to include plenty of detail.

* Who was your favorite character and why?

* Which scene was your favorite and why?

* Was there a particular scene that evoked a particular emotion? Explain

* Were you happy with the way the story ended? How would you have changed it?

* Did you enjoy the story? Why/ Why not?

* Is there anything in the story that you would change and why?

* Can you remember any particularly outstanding WOW moments?

12 thoughts on “Conclusion of Boy Overboard

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen and anyone reading,
    I loved our class novel Boy Overboard too! It is almost my favourite book, because it shocked and surprised me so much through out the amazing pages. I believe Morris Gleitzman is an extraordinarily talented author.
    My favourite character in the story was Bibi. I liked her because she was really funny, and she loved breaking rules. The chapter in the book that I really liked was when they had to evacuate their house and go down to the soccer stadium to save mum. I liked it because it was interesting and it shocked me so much that I remember my mouth falling open. The only thing I would want to change about Boy Overboard would be the ending. I really felt like it should of gone on at least 20 more chapters!
    I’m sure part of the reason I enjoyed it so much was because Miss Hunichen read it to us so clearly, and with expression! I felt like I was in the book, watching the scene roll by.
    From Ruby πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ruby
      You have written a very detailed comment on your thoughts about Boy Overboard so well done for working on thinking below the surface. I think I agree with your comment about Morris Gleitzman being a very talented author. He created a lot of suspense and made his readers feel so many strong emotions throughout each chapter. Bibi was an interesting character in the book, she was very string willed and seemed to have a very good sense of humor. I wonder what the dynamics would have been like if Bibi was older than Jamal? What do you think? Do you think it would have made a difference?
      I still vividly remember reading the chapter you mentioned in your comment. I was at home on the couch and was so shocked by what I was reading that I had tears in my eyes and remember thinking, ‘NOOOOOOOOO’ ‘This can’t be happening!!’. I remember being very unsure as to whether I should read that whole chapter to you all or whether I should leave parts out. I’m glad that you all handled it so well when I read it and that we were all able to have mature and thoughtful conversation about what had happened. I think it was probably the most shocking part of the story although there were a few other scenes where it seemed to be Jamal and Bibi fighting to be with mum and dad. Can you think of any other scenes like this?
      I also agree with you on the ending part, I think I would be happy to have read more. How would prefer that it ended?
      Thank you for your lovely compliments on my reading. I do really enjoy reading aloud to children, it’s one of my favourite things. I think though that what helped make the scenes so clear was all of the other work that we had done researching Afghanistan as it helped to give a very clear picture of what Jamal and Bibi were going through.
      Miss Hunichen

  2. My favourite character was Jamal because he cared for Bibi by protecting her from people.
    My favourite part was when Jamal stood up to the tank at was brave to get his ball back.

    • Hi Josh
      It’s great to see you commenting on the blog however it would be great if you could add a little bit more detail to your comments so that they are more interesting to read. Why did you choose Jamal standing up to the tank as your favourite part. Is it because it was a Wow moment or is it because you were able to make particular connections with this part?
      Jamal was definitely a very strong character in the story with lots of fabulous qualities. He was extremely protective of his younger sister. Why do you think Morris Gleitzman made this so obvious in the story?
      Miss Hunichen

  3. Dear Miss Hunichion
    I thought boy overboard was a great book. I Re-Read my chapter summaries and my favourite part was at the very end because it was a totally different ending to what I wanted and expected. I thought they would end up on Australia with a roof over their head. My favourite character was Omar because I was a little silly and very VERY funny.

    • Hi Jarred
      I’m glad that you enjoyed reading Boy Overboard. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I remember speaking to Mrs Kane about it last year and I couldn’t really understand why she thought it was so good. But now I’m so glad that I have had the opportunity to read this great book. I think what made me enjoy it more though was all of the extra work we did on researching Afghanistan. I think that it gave me a much better understanding of what Jamal and Bibi’s life was like. How would you rewrite the ending? Have you read Girl Underground? I tried to borrow it from the Sunbury library but all of their copies were out. Omar was a good character in the book, I wonder how the book would have evolved had he not been a character in the book, what do you think? I think I really liked Bibi’s strong willed personality and the funny things she called people she didn’t like.
      Miss Hunichen

  4. Hi Miss Hunichen
    I enjoyed Boy Overboard so much, I loved it and I think it is one of my favorite stories I have read. My Favorite character is Bibi because she is very stubborn, she loves her family, she is aggressive and mean to whoever messes with her family or herself.
    I loved the scene when Jamal and Bibi’s mum was about to get shot but, their dad crashed through the gate and threw burning oil cans at the army men, blinded them with smoke from the car, hit the men with the car and quickly got the mum and drove away.
    There was one really annoying bit with the story though, the end just ended with no real ending so I hope there is a second book. I would change the ending because it is annoying and I want to make the story longer and a more detailed ending.
    I enjoyed the story very much because there were some WOW moments, adventure, very very exciting bits which made us want to read more, suspense, very very funny bits that made me laugh, shocking things and things that made us feel sorry for Jamal and Bibi so we want to help them out and they are just the good things an awesome book should have.
    Thank you for reading this book to us.

    from Ashton πŸ™‚

  5. Dear Miss Hunichen,

    I missed out on hearing the end of the book as we went on holiday early. Can I please borrow your copy and finish it at home so I get to find out what happens?

  6. Hey Miss Hunichen (and other readers)
    I think Boy Overboard was amazing there was so many twists and turns that I wasn’t expecting! It was really hard to pick my favorite character because they were all so great. But my favorite character is Jamal. I picked Jamal because i believe he was the bravest character in the book. Also he was was very caring for his family especially Bibi and his new friends Omar and Rashida.

    My favorite part in the book was the end because it was the one time they were together and happy. But i also didn’t like the ending that much because it leaves you wondering and asking questions!
    Thanks from
    Kim πŸ™‚

  7. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I loved boy overboard. Some times it was funny and sometimes I was surprised or shocked. My favourite character was Jamal because he was caring. I thought that Jamal and Bibi would be in Australia instead of an refugee camp. I would of liked more soccer in it instead of sadness. I recommend the book to my aunty because she is a teacher.
    Jack R

  8. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I loved reading Boy Overboard so much because it had lots of twists and the ending was a big surprise to me. I agree with Ruby, I didn’t like the ending because it felt like it wasn’t a good ending for a book as powerful as Boy Overboard. That is something I would defiantly change if I wrote the book. My favorite character was Bibi. She always tried to cheer people up in the weirdest ways, but that’s what made her so special. She was born to be a warrior. It’s hard to think of a favorite part, but I would have to say it was when the Government bombed their house. It was only a little part of the story, but it was the most powerful.

  9. Hi Miss Hunichen and everyone else,
    Wow!! I loved Boy overboard so much that I’m trying to get my brother to read it! My thoughts on it though were Amazing! My favourite part was when I realized that mum was tone of those women in the stadium. But my favourite character was Bibi because she wasn’t afraid to stand up to people that were older than her, plus she is a very good sister to Jamal! Bye!
    -Ruby :)>

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