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Hey Guys,

Hope that you are all enjoying your school holidays! I can’t believe that one week is already over!! I’m very proud of all of you that have already commented on the blog, keep up the great work.

Next term we will be working hard to develop ourselves as inquiry learning. In order to start thinking about this I’m curious to know what you might be wondering about. These wonderings could be anything at all, for example……

1. Why does you skin go wrinkly in the water?

2. Why is the sea salty?

3. Why do you have bad breath in the morning?

I’m sure you will able to come up with lots of other interesting wonderings or things you are curious to find out about.

To get you started you might light to explore the following two websites:






Leave a comment about your wonderings and your thoughts on the 2 websites

19 thoughts on “I Wonder….

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen,

    I found the curiosity website not very useful. I couldn’t find anywhere to comment and all thats on there was videos. With the Wonderpolis website i tried to post a comment but the state didn’t have Victoria it only had America states. But my wondering was and i had 2
    1. Why do we have numbers and words and who invented them and gave them there names?
    2. Why does the world have different times in different places?

    Thanks and i hope someone can post on the Published Pieces on the newsletter i would love to hear what everybody has to say.
    From Kim

    • Hi Kimmy
      I think most have struggled with the curiosity website. It is one that you need to be patient and persistent with. You need to spend the time looking through the categories and exploring some of the video comment. You don’t need to comment on the website, I more just wanted you to have a look at what it contains as I think I will help you start your curious minds thinking. The same with the Wonderopolis website, rather than focusing on posting comments I just want you to spend some time exploring and reading and thinking. There are some great wonderings on there and I think you will be able to learn lots of new information.
      You have come up with some good wonderings. How are you going to go about finding out the answers?
      Miss Hunichen

  2. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I enjoyed looking at the first site. I looked at most of the videos, my favourite would be the chocolate one. The second one I didn’t really like as much it didn’t really give you much info.
    I have always wondered why electricity electrocutes you?
    I also wonder why can’t we breath under water?
    From Logan!

    • Hi Logan
      I’m glad that you have found time to look through the two sites that I suggested. Curiosity.com does have some great videos to look at, I think you need to be able to be more patient with this website than the other as it takes time to find things. Have you looked at the soccer video under the sports and outdoors category? There are also some good videos on the history of video games under the technology section.
      I think in regards to the second website maybe you need to go back and have another look, its actually quite easy to navigate and has some really interesting thoughts on it. When you load the website look down the left hand side where it says “Explore Wonders”. From here you will see two boxes at the top that says ‘select grade’ and ‘select subject matter’, above this there is a box that says ‘Wonder category’. Choosing a few of these options may help you to come up with something of interest, for example choosing the transportation category gave me some of the following wonderings, ‘How does a submarine work?’ and ‘What is motion sickness?’ You might be particularly interested in the following link: http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/what-is-a-muscle-car/
      I like the wonderings you have come up with though and wonder whether we will be able to find answers for these??
      Miss Hunichen

  3. Dear Miss Hunichen and anyone reading,
    I explored the websites you recommended on the holidays. Mum and I had a few wonderings that we wanted to find out about, and we got some pretty good answers. I found that I liked Wonderopolis better than Curiosity.com, because I typed in my wondering on Curiosity and it did not come up with anything useful. I tried different keywords, and it still did not work.
    I also found out some of my questions from last term, based on the Earths time zones. I couldn’t remember all of them, but I got 2 answers.
    From Ruby šŸ™‚

    • Hi Ruby
      I’m glad you have spent some time looking at Curiosty.com and Wonderopolis. I tend to agree with you when it comes to liking one more that the other. I think that Wonderopolis is very inviting as it’s colourful, easily laid out and has lots of really interesting things to read about. I also discovered today that you if you click on ‘Explore Wonders’ on the left hand side of the page you can choose different categories and also choose particular year levels. So maybe rather than using this site to answer your own wonderings it’s more just a site to explore for the moment and to get you thinking in the wondering frame of mind.
      You also need to remember that the post asked you to list some of your wonderings. I’d be interested to know what you were trying to find out the answer to.
      Miss Hunichen

  4. Dear Miss Hunichion
    I looked at Wonderopolis and Curiosity and watched some of the video clips. I found that there was a lot of information on different topics. I looked at how to make a cloud and what fish had the largest teeth and found it interesting.

    • Hi Jarred
      It’s great to read that you have spent some time looking at Curiosity and Wonderopolis. I think that Wonderopolis is possibly an easier site to navigate and may be the better site for children. I found that Curiosity was worthwhile if you spent a little bit of time trying to find something that interests you. There was a really good video on their that spoke about April Fools Day and in the craft and hobbies section there are some good videos on how to draw different things.
      Do you have anything that you are currently wondering about? I had a really good wondering last night but I can’t think of it right now, I’ll have to try and remember and get back to you!
      Miss Hunichen

  5. Hi Miss Hunichen
    I really liked the first link curiosity.com because it came up with a lot of interesting facts and answers. I found out how powerful real life lasers are and that if a super nova (which is one of the biggest explosions in space) even touched earth, earth would explode in less then a second.

    In Wonderopolis there wasn’t as much information I could find but it was still pretty good. In Wonderopolis I found out that the Japanese found the giant squids habitat and videoed a little clip of it but, it is so dark down there they only saw it on there 100th mission.
    They went down 3,000ft in the water to find it and pressure there is to hard to live in so they went in a submarine especially made for that mission. The squid is bigger then a bus and weighs more then a ton. The squids eye ball is the biggest eye in the world and is the most similar to the human eye.
    HAPPY EASTER from Ashton šŸ˜‰

    • Wow Ashton
      It appears that you have really spent some time exploring both websites. Your comment is well written and contains good detail of the things that you have found out.
      I’m glad you persisted with the curiosity website, lots of other children have found it difficult to find anything. I looked at some really good fitness videos on Curiosity as well as some very interesting videos on maths and numbers. In the crafts and hobbies section there are some helpful how to draw videos.
      It’s interesting that you found Wonderopolis more difficult to navigate. I think we’ll spend some time at school in those first few days going over both of these sites. You have most definitely found out some really interesting facts though. It’s really interesting to read about the squids eye ball.
      Do you have any wonderings of your own Ashton?
      Hope you are having a great Easter too.
      Miss Hunichen

  6. Hi miss Hunichen
    I really enjoyed looking at the two websites wonderopolis and curiosity they had some really good wonderings and curious things.
    I was also wondering if your belly button is an innie or an outie (most people I know are innies , I am too)
    My favorite wondering from wonderopolis is do rabbits have good eyesight?
    I like this because of it was Easter recently and I love rabbits there so cute and fluffy

  7. Dear Miss Hunichen,

    On my holiday I wondered alot about how the ship worked and I went to some talks with the engineers and other people to hear about the boat. I enjoyed listening to them. I also wondered about how different foods tasted and tried lots of new things like duck and when we got home, kangaroo steaks.
    I wonder lots of things every day like why doesn’t the sun ever totally explode and how can you make your own mini universe.
    I wonder how people first thought of things in the first place such as making glass (even though we know how to do this now), making cars, how did they figure out that copper carries electricity and how did they make electricity in the first place? How do people think up languages and words? Why can’t we teach animals how to speak English (apart from parrots). Why can’t my dog speak English even though he can understand some words like walk, breakfast and car?
    I enjoyed the video about making the rumble mouse for playing games and how your brain responds to music.

  8. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I looked at both websites twice and watched some videos. Both websites were very interesting. I wonder why need the alphabet? And why do we die?
    Jack R

  9. Dear Miss Hunichen!
    i really liked the first website and i really liked the subtitles that lead to all these other things.
    From Sam!

  10. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I have checked out the websites and they are cool and I looked at all of the wonderings on the wonderopolis website and they are all really cool I have a couple wonderings for you I want to know how we get blood noses and how long can a human last in space with out a space suit.
    From Talon

  11. Hi miss hunichen,
    I found that the curiosity site didn’t really help that much. Although I did like the Wonderopolis site was pretty good and enjoyed looking at it. I do wonder:
    Why do different countries talk different languages.
    From Chloe

  12. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I didn’t find the Curiosity website that useful, it just had a lot of videos, I couldn’t really explore it that much. The Wonderopolis website was better. I explored it and it got me wondering some things. Here are a few:
    – why do things have to die?
    – how fast is the speed of light?
    – how do animals communicate?
    Thanks for reading,

  13. Hi Miss Hunichen and everyone else,
    Just like Kim, I found Curiosity not very helpful at all. All their was were videos and half of them did’t even load! But Wonderoplis was different. When Wonderoplis opened it was bright and colourful. It had a Wonder of the day which was interesting and I found all of the answers to my wondering’s!!!
    -Ruby :)>

  14. Dear anyone who reads it,
    I thought that curiosity was interesting because I learnt how noise canceling headphones work.
    I thought that wonderopolis was helpful because there was very interesting subjects and the sub folders were easy to use and understand which made navigateing the website easy.
    I am wondering why farts smell, and also what is darwinism.
    From Ethan šŸ™‚

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