ANZAC Investigation

Here are some websites with quality, reliable information on ANZAC Day, WW1 and Gallipoli. You can use these pages to gather information about our question: ‘Is ANZAC Day worth commemorating?’














3 thoughts on “ANZAC Investigation

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen,

    I love the ANZAC day investigation. I have answered 2 of my questions. They are:
    1. What happened on the 25th of April all those years ago. And the other one i couldn’t remember. It’s been so much fun doing this investigation can we do this again later in the year?
    Thanks from

  2. Hi Miss HUnciehn (And other readers)

    I think that the ANZAC day questions are really fun. I haven’t finished all of mine yet but in still working on it! Can we do more of these later on in the year?
    Thanks from

    • Hi Kim
      The ANZAC day investigation was a good one and I’m sorry that it was something that got lost in amongst everything else that was happening in the classroom. I ‘m glad to hear though that you are still taking the time at home to continue working on it and I look forward to seeing it when it’s finished. We will continue to work on Inquiry questions throughout they era. I’m glad it’s been something that you have enjoyed.
      Miss Hunichen

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