Our Sunny Day in the City

Wednesday the 30th of April saw all of the Grade 5’s travel to the city in order as part of our investigation into Victoria’s Immigration history. We went to the Immigration Museum and the Sandridge Bridge

The Sandridge Bridge is a bridge in Sandridge Square in Southbank. It’s a tribute to Victoria’s Immigration history. It features 128 glass panels and 10 gigantic steel sculptures representing each period of immigration. If you’d like to read up on the history of the bridge, you can visit THIS website.

Inside the Immigration Museum, we viewed 7 different exhibits ranging from a massive ship, a timeline as big as a room, lots of interactive touch screens, videos and movies, photos, pictures…..The whole experience was a little rushed though, I think many of us would agree that it would be a fantastic place to explore on a weekend or over the school holidays.

I’m looking forward to reading your 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reflections on the excursion on your own blogs (coming soon!).

In the mean time, I’d like you to share your favourite thing from the excursion- make your comments 10/10!

P.S- Gigantic thank you to Danielle, Gabi, Debbie and Tash who were able to come on our excursion with us. Our parent helpers really help ‘make’ our excursions.

2 thoughts on “Our Sunny Day in the City

  1. Dear anyone who reads it,
    I thought the imagration museum was fun but a bit rushed becuase my group didn’t get to see all the exibits and there wasn’t enough time.
    I hope to go there again and see all the exibits.
    From Ethan 🙂

  2. Hi Miss Huncihen (And other readers),

    I absolutely loved the excursion. It was so much fun and such a shame you could’t come with us! I learnt so much more about immigration and so much on the sculptures up on the bridge. I didn’t even know about them! Even though I already had been to the Museum it was fun going again. Especially with the passport this time.
    Thanks from

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