Angles are Everywhere

Over the last week Grade 5B have been learning all about angles, or I guess I should really say they have been revising what they already knew about angles. They were very clever cookies when it came to identifying different types of angles and even knew how many degrees each angle should be.

We used lots of different things to model different angles, from string, to our bodies and even skipping ropes outside. We then spent time searching for angles out in the school yard. We found HEAPS!! We tried to focus on acute and obtuse angles as we tend to see right and straight angles everywhere!! See if you can identify the angles in the following slideshow.

After we had become familiar with angles again we looked at the following question:
This question proved to be more difficult than we thought and there were a few steps and understandings that we needed before we could begin.
First we needed to know how many degrees there are in a circle. Well that’s easy I hear you all say, there are 360 degrees in a full turn
Then we needed to think about how many sections there are on a clock. We looked carefully and decided there were 12.
Now we needed to work out how many degrees there are in each section. To work this out we divided 12 into 360 to get an answer of 30 degrees. So when the time reads one o’clock the acute angle is 30 degrees. The reflex angle is 330 degrees.
We were then able to work out the two angles for 2:00, 4:00, 5:00, 7:00, 8:00, 10:00 and 11:00. Can you remember what they are? See if you can set this up in a table.
Now we want to explore the question about right angles! We know the two obvious answers are 3:00 and 9:00, but we’ve been told there are 20 others!
Use the following interactive clock to see if you can work out some of the others:
Now use the following clock to make the times that you think made a right angle and check them:
The following website has heaps of great games where you can practise your understanding of angles:

What have you learnt about angles?

How many of each angle did you see in the slideshow?

Were you able to discover all of the times that make a right angle?

What did you think of the page of angles games? Were any of them useful?

6 thoughts on “Angles are Everywhere

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen
    I think doing angles that week was really fun!
    I already knew all of them but, it was still fun doing challenging quizzes about angles and finding angles around the school.
    On the slide show I saw 12 right angles, 9 acute angles, 15 obtuse angles, 2 reflex angles and 4 360 degree turns.
    I found all 22 right angles on the clock they are; 3:00, 3:33, 4:05, 4:38, 5:11, 5:44, 6:16, 6:49, 7:22, 7:54, 8:27, 9:00, 9:33, 10:06, 10:38, 11:11, 11,44, 12:16, 12:49, 1:22, 1:54 and 2:27.
    The Angles games were fun as well and it was a good way to get to know your angles quick.
    I think angles week was really fun and helped me get my angles quicker.

    From Ashton 😉

    • Hi Ashton
      This is a really excellent blog comment and one you should be really proud of. You have covered all of the questions I asked and have given an honest reflection on how you felt about our week on angles. You have observed the slide show very carefully and have identified lots of different types of angles. The activity where you had to find the right angles on a clock was a challenge but you seem to have managed really well. Congratulations on a fabulous week of learning. Keep up the fabulous work.
      Miss Hunichen

  2. Dear anyone who reads it,
    I found the angles page quite helpful because the sports one helped me spot the angles.
    The game I found hard was the pirsmid one because I couldn’t find the answer.
    One I found fun was the fgorilla one because it was hard to get a perfect shot.
    From Ethan 🙂

    • Hi Ethan
      It’s really great to see that even though you are unwell you have found some time to submit some good quality blog comments. We have done some great activities on angles and I’m glad you have spent some time exploring the games that were on the website link. I haven’t had a chance to look yet so it would have been good if you were able to give a more detailed description of each game. I’m interested to know what you had to do in the ‘Pirsmid’ game? Have you been able to find any angles around your house?
      Miss Hunichen

  3. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    WOW you are so right. Angles are everywhere and sometimes said and nobody realises. I even did it in one of my sentences. Also that there is so many in our school and lot’s more all around the world! How many angles is there in the world? Are there more than what we know? I wonder. Can we work on angles again sometime Miss Hunichen they are so much FUN!?
    Thanks from

    • Hi Kim
      There are lots of maths things that we see in our every day life without even realising! This is why maths is so important. We use it without even thinking. Keep up the great work with your blogging comments Kim, they are fantastic.
      Miss Hunichen

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