Homework Task

Hey Guys

Wow, we have been so busy lately setting up your own blogs that I’ve been rather slack on adding posts to the class blog! The class blog will have a somewhat different purpose now as you children will be blogging about classroom tasks, activities and happenings, so therefore I won’t need to.

Instead you will find links to things that I want you to look at, videos to watch or websites to explore. I may also post details of particular tasks that I want you to complete. Today’s post includes most of these things. Take a look below.

In regards to your student blogs (which you have had for almost 2 weeks) there are lots of things that you need to learn. So far we have touched on the basics and most of you have a fantastic blog set up. We will be continuing to use class writing time next week to add posts and pages. Adding widgets and other bits and pieces will be something that you can fiddle around with at home, like adding a voki to your home page.

I came across this incredibly helpful blog this morning and would like you to put a link to it somewhere on your own blog. I suggest creating a page underneath your Websites main page and calling it ‘Helpful Blogging sites’



Once you have done this I would like you to spend some time exploring this site. Don’t forget to click on the tabs along the top to check out the different pages. I don’t expect you to read everything on this site however I would like you to scroll through ALL of the posts and read each heading just so that you can get an idea of what the blog contains.

Lastly please comment on this post by responding to the questions below:

Did you find the link useful? Why/Why not

Which post from the blog do you think will be most helpful to you and why?