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Hey Guys

Wow, we have been so busy lately setting up your own blogs that I’ve been rather slack on adding posts to the class blog! The class blog will have a somewhat different purpose now as you children will be blogging about classroom tasks, activities and happenings, so therefore I won’t need to.

Instead you will find links to things that I want you to look at, videos to watch or websites to explore. I may also post details of particular tasks that I want you to complete. Today’s post includes most of these things. Take a look below.

In regards to your student blogs (which you have had for almost 2 weeks) there are lots of things that you need to learn. So far we have touched on the basics and most of you have a fantastic blog set up. We will be continuing to use class writing time next week to add posts and pages. Adding widgets and other bits and pieces will be something that you can fiddle around with at home, like adding a voki to your home page.

I came across this incredibly helpful blog this morning and would like you to put a link to it somewhere on your own blog. I suggest creating a page underneath your Websites main page and calling it ‘Helpful Blogging sites’



Once you have done this I would like you to spend some time exploring this site. Don’t forget to click on the tabs along the top to check out the different pages. I don’t expect you to read everything on this site however I would like you to scroll through ALL of the posts and read each heading just so that you can get an idea of what the blog contains.

Lastly please comment on this post by responding to the questions below:

Did you find the link useful? Why/Why not

Which post from the blog do you think will be most helpful to you and why?


26 thoughts on “Homework Task

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I found the link very useful. I especially loved the glossary because it is so useful for starting a blog. The blog is nice and simple and that makes it better. Just remember less is more. I think I will go back to the website before I post or make changes to my blog. I have already bookmarked it.

    • Hi Bec
      Well done on being the first one to complete the homework task. It’s really wise to get it out of the way quickly because then you are able to fully enjoy the rest of your weekend without worrying about what homework you need to do.
      I’m glad that you found the site to be useful and that you have bookmarked it. It’s a site that we will be using quite regularly so having easy access to it will be beneficial.
      I will be interested to see how this blog impacts the creation of yours, I’ll keep my eyes peeled.
      Miss Hunichen

  2. Hi Miss Hunichen and anyone reading,
    I read/skimmed over the posts and thought they were fantastic. Not only did they show you what a good blog should look like, but they told you how to set up yours so that it would look like it! I found the link on the class blog very useful, and the website even made me change some of the features on my own blog. If anyone wants to look at it here is the link – but PLEASE post me a comment!!!
    The most helpful page on this blog was the ‘getting started’ page. It was really good because it had all the information in steps (1 … 2 … 3…). I also thought that it was very helpful because the website had a simple theme, and it was really easy to read. It was so good that I couldn’t even find a negative comment to make!
    From Ruby 🙂

    • Hi Ruby
      it’s great to read that you skimmed over all of the post headings. It is an extremely easy blog to navigate and I think that’s part of why it is so great. You don’t have to spend hours and hours searching for things. It will be a great resource as we continue our blogging journey. I can already see that your blog is well on the way to being fantastic. What things did you change on yours after reading through the other blog?
      Miss Hunichen

  3. Hi Miss Hunichen
    I found the link very useful because it taught me how to make a comic on the blog and it was really fascinating how they did it and I think it would be lots of fun making one.
    I found the one that was most useful was the one that taught you how to make extra quality comment. There was a part that I found interesting which was, your’re not supposed to put more than one explanation mark so, if you want to make it more exciting you have to put more exciting words in the sentence.

    From Ashton 🙂

    • Hi Ashton
      I’m really enjoying reading your blog comments. They are so thoughtful and demonstrate your ability to write reflectively. I also stumbled across your Boy Overboard comment, it was very impressive. I did see the post about making a comic, it’s a really easy website to use. Maybe over the next few weeks we can work on one for our student blogs. Have you had a chnace to look at the comic making site? The post about writing a quality comment sounds interesting, I must have missed that one, are you able to send me the link? I like what they are saying about not adding more than one exclamation mark and that you should add more exciting words instead, that’s a really great idea and will make your writing much more interesting to read.
      Keep up the amazing work.
      Miss Hunichen

  4. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    This site is very good. It is great for if you are not sure how to do something or even just if you have a blog and you don’t really know what to do. The teacher that owns that blog must be getting her students to do student blogging as well. I think the ‘how to’ part is a good part. It’s good to me because if you have just started a blog it’s likely that you don’t really know how to do something. I also like the idea of the glossary. It is very useful to understand what all those confusing blogging words mean.
    This is a very useful site.
    From Chloe

    • Dear Chloe
      Well done on completing the homework task. I’ve just spent some time looking at your student blog and leaving a comment. You might like to try some if the things that you learnt from the new site on your own blog. I too like the idea of a glossary as there are so many new and confusing terms that we will come across on our blogging journey. Keep up the great work Chloe.
      Miss Hunichen

  5. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    I thought the link was very useful for me because it had lots of things that can help me with widgets ext. I think the best page was the one that said how to…. It had lots of things about how to install certain things onto my blog. It had some things I didn’t know about.

    • Hi Talon
      I;m glad to read that you found the website to be useful. What are some of the new things that you would like to try and install on your blog. I thought that the glossary was a really useful page as there are lots of new words associated with blogging. Did you come across any words that were new to you? I’m really looking forward to looking at your student blog and to continuing our blogging journey in the classroom.
      Miss Hunichen

  6. Dear anyone who reads it,
    I thought the website was useful because I learnt how to add a cyber pet.
    The website was also good because it tells you what you need for a blog.
    From Ethan 🙂

  7. WOW! That blog is amazing I loved it how the blog had a glossary and a about the blog page! I have learnt a lot about blogging my favorite bit was the how to. because it had a Heep of links that I could go to a lots of information. I would defiantly visit this site again to learn how to get many more widgets. From sally

  8. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I found that Student Bloggers was a great website to help new bloggers. It has showed me how to get virtual pets, other widgets, create a catchy heading and other useful topics. I also found helpful was the Glossary. I didn’t understand the word captcha. I looked it up in the Glossary and it is the anti spam word you have to type in before you send a comment. Bye!
    -Ruby 🙂

  9. Hi Miss Hunichen,

    WOW the website is so helpful! I read about pictures taken by me, create a cyber pet and about blog avatars. Also read about widgets and how to place them ( I’m still a bit stuck). I agree with Bec when she said about less is more and that the glossary is very helpful. It is very helpful for anyone etheir starting or expert but still unsure about things on their blogs. I’ve done the same thing when Bec bookmarked it.
    From Kim

  10. Hi Miss Hunichon
    I found this blog useful! I found all the parts of the blog useful but the part that caught my eye was the how to page, it told me how to add widgets and other icons on the blog. I also liked the glossary because it was helpful for telling people what the words.
    From Jarred

  11. Hi Miss H

    I like on the blog that it has lots of posts, links and photo’s on it and also I like the ‘How To….’ pages. How it teaches you how to do stuff onto your own blog.

    I tried to make a comic, but I don’t know where to get it. I looked in the ‘How To…’ page but it didn’t show. I also looked in ‘step eight widgets’ and it didn’t come up So I’m trying to get that.

    Bye, Ben

    Sorry Miss H, but I had to change it cause it didn’t make that much sense.

  12. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    The student bloggers blog really helped me, and if you now look at my blog you will see that I have got a virtual pet and some glitter text. some of the features on the student bloggers blog did not work on my home computer though. This did not trouble me because I just searched on the web and found a different website with the same things on it. All in all I found the blog really useful and have bookmarked to my netbook and my home computer.

    Bye from Daniel

    • Great work Daniel. I’m glad that you were able to take something from the website that would be useful for your own blog. I’ve had a look at your blog and am impressed by the glitter text and virtual pet, you do need to check the sizing of your widgets once you embed them though as they are often too big. Persistence is the key when it comes to blogging and your post demonstrates your ability of this, well done.
      Keep up the fabulous work.
      Miss Hunichen

  13. Hi Miss Hunichen
    The website was very useful. The most useful part was the widgets. I learn’t how to make a pet and a clustrmap. Some widgets didn’t work. I looked up more widgets on the internet but most weren’t the best. I book marked that website on my computer at home.

    Bye, Jack R

  14. Dear Miss Hunichen
    This is very helpful because it told me thing I needed to know about my blog and how to improve it.
    I love the little cyber pets and the glitter text I think they to spice up our blogs. Even know I knew most of this stuff I learnt new thing and I can improve better
    from Vic

  15. Hi Miss Hunichen
    I found the how to page the most useful because I wanted to get a virtual pet and I now have one on my blog it is so cute! (and it squeaks)
    I found it really useful and I go to it every day and learn how to get things.
    If you want to look at pet here is a link to my blog http://cascaa.global2.vic.edu.au/
    From Logan!

  16. Hi Miss Hunichen.
    I really got good information from that website on how to do get started and others I also found it would be a lot of help for people who are getting started with there own blog, I got a lot of help from how to make a cyber pet but i have not put it up yet but I will get to it soon thanks for putting on the link so we all could get lots of help

  17. Hi Miss Hunichen
    my blog is a great tool to use. There is many things on my blog now it is not blank. The voki and the widget was a fun tusk to do and it taught me how to add things to my blog
    by James

  18. Hi Miss Hunichen,

    I thought that all of the pages were informative, they had helpful information on how to do lots of interesting things about blogging. The two that caught my eye where the “how to…” page and the “getting started…” page. With the “getting started…” page, it might not of helped me that much but it did give me some information, other people may find it useful. The ‘how to…” page was a very good page, it gave me lots of interesting information and ideas such as adopting my own cyber pet, a blog avatar, and lots more. Overall, I think that this website could be one of the most helpful blogging websites to use for students learning about blogging.

    From Blake

  19. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    The student bloggers helped me because it showed me how to do all of this cool stuff like adding avatars, adding virtual pets and how to do lots of different things. with the avatar and virtual pet I tried to put them on my blog but I couldn’t so if your wondering if I couldn’t do anything well at least I tried to do something.
    Thanks from Gemma

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