Holiday Homework

Well guys the holidays have rolled around again! I hope you all have lots of fun things planned. Don’t forget to keep reading over the holidays and make sure you continue to record this in your diaries. I wonder if anyone can read and record for every day of the holidays!!

Over the holidays you also have your Court Jester Movie Review that needs to be written and posted on your blog. You will find a link to the homework task underneath the picture of the movie cover. Also here are some links that you might find useful:

Please check with Mum and Dad before viewing the following YouTube clips. You may also find some other movie clips on YouTube. This link will take you to lots of clips from The Court Jester

court jester


Court Jester Homework Task

Continue to work on your own blog over the holidays too. Please check the ‘What… We have Homework’ page for the posts that you should have. Looking at Ruby L and Bec’s blog will also be quite helpful to a lot of you.

Parent Homework – Please leave a comment on your child’s reflective post about interviews with some feedback on their presentation. 3 things they did well and 3 things they should work on for next time.

I would love to read about what you get up to on the holidays too! Try and come up with a clever way to post information about your holidays.

Don’t forget to record any homework that you do each day in your diaries. Remember 3 thirty minute sessions each week!

Other homework – Make sure you have loads of fun!!! Stay safe though 🙂

Passive Energy

The term has come to a close and it also marks the end of our Passive Energy House Project. I know you all enjoyed the project immensely and I’m extremely proud of the effort you put into this project.

Here is a slideshow of all the photos from our Passive Energy House project. I’m looking forward to seeing all of your slideshows on your own blogs.

What was your favourite part of the Passive Energy Project?

The Bent Back Bridge

Hi Guys,

Your task this afternoon is to write a review for the story ‘The Bent Back Bridge’ written by Gary Crew.


You must include the following:

* A short biography on Gary Crew

* A brief summary of the story

* A discussion about the two main characters – Lola and Janet

* Your explanation on what you think happened at the end of the story

* Your opinion of the book – Did you enjoy it? Why/Why not

* A picture of the front cover

I look forward to reading your reviews. Please post them on your student blogs.

Miss Hunichen

The Six Thinking Hats

Hi Guys,

Congratulations on your presentations last night! I was extremely proud of each and every one of you, you all rose to the occasion and did an excellent job with your presentations. I hope that your parents were proud of you.

Today you will be writing a reflection on the Interview process. You will be required to use the six thinking hats to help you structure your reflection. Looking at the following slideshow will remind you about the purpose of each hat.

As you view each slide make notes in your literacy book about the types of questions you might address.

You will be typing your reflection as a post on your blog. Try to add a relevant picture or two.

I look forward to reading them.

Our Own Blogs

Today in class we will be reviewing the term ‘digital footprint’. You can view our original post and comments by clicking the following link:  It is really important to have some sort of understanding in regards to digital footprints especially considering you have just started your own blogs.

But what does the term ‘digital footprint’ mean??

Have a look at the video below to refresh your memory.

The image below is a link to the ABC’s “BTN” (“Behind The News”) website.  “BTN” is a fantastic news show for students that features great segments about current events and issues that affect our society.

Digital Footprint 24052011, Behind the News - Windows Internet Explorer_2014-02-13_20-39-08

This news segment is about how we each have a digital footprint. At the end of the segment we are told that whilst we can’t help but contribute to our digital footprint we can help to keep it smaller.

Password Power 29112011, Behind the News - Windows Internet Explorer_2014-02-13_21-04-48

The video above gives some interesting information and helpful advice in regards to setting passwords.

Here are some useful websites in regards to digital footprints: – This site contains a short video

Can you find any other useful websites in regards to managing your digital footprint?

Have a think about the following statement.

We are all citizens of the cyber world.

In your post on your own blog, include:

  • Your definition of a digital footprint
  • Facts learnt from the videos
  • Links to websites and videos that may be useful
  • Your ways to keep your digital footprint safe and healthy

Remember, what you post online goes out there forever!


Passive Energy Houses

Today concluded the building phase of our Passive Energy House project. We have spent an hour and a half every day this week on constructing our homes. There has been plenty of cardboard, polystyrene and masking tape used. Most groups seem to have some sort of home finished in readiness for the testing phase to begin on Monday.

I’m interested to read about your thought on the Passive Energy House project. So Grade 5B, when you are writing your post, I’d like you to think about the following:

– Explaining the task with a focus on what each of the stages has involved, Research, Designing, Planning, Building

– Your own performance, what did you like/not like? What were you good at/ not so good at?

– The skills needed to be an effective team

– How your group has performed, did all members participate equally? Were you able to work together?

– The Habits of the Mind that you needed

– Add any other information that you think might need.


About Me Pages

We had lots of discussion yesterday after viewing the links to all of the About Me pages. We talked about some of the things we could include and we also talked about the types of things that we shouldn’t include. You should check our student blogs in the next few days to see how we’re going.

To the children in 5B

You are also going to be expected to add a special poem to your about me page. This will be a homework task and it is due on Monday the 16th of June.

Check the structure of the poem and an example out on the link below

Autobigraphical Poems

You may also like to check out Miss Condon’s example too:

Good Luck…. I look forward to reading your poems

Writing Task

Hi Grade 5’s

This morning we will be working on adding an ‘About Me’ page to your individual blog. I know some of you are already thinking, awesome I’ve already done that so I’ll have free time. Well let me tell you that this is not the case!

I want you to explore the following websites that contain links to examples of ‘About Me’ pages:

While you are looking at these websites I would like you to make some notes about some of the topics that have been included.

Then we will get together to brainstorm some of the possibilities for your ‘About Me’ page.

Good luck!