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    • Hi Sam
      It’s great to see that you are commenting on the blog. I cant wait to go and look at the first post you have written for your own blog. I really hope you find the chance to share your blog with mum and dad.
      Miss Hunichen

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen
    I loved layers today it was really fun and cozy :). It also saves energy because me don’t need to use the heater.
    To save energy some of the things you can do is: Shut doors and curtains, turn coolers and heaters off when you don’t need them, wash clothes using cold water, insulate your roof, use energy efficient globes, turn off gadgets and appliances you’re not using and save energy in the kitchen.
    Saving energy is important because you can save money and uses no green house gases. What is green house gases you say, well green house gas is a gas that can effect the atmosphere (not in a good way) and causes global warming. If you don’t save energy the atmosphere could fade and both of the Arctic’s will melt so lots of animals that live there would become extinct.
    So why wouldn’t you save energy. why wouldn’t you want to save more money, why wouldn’t you want you save the arctic from melting, why wouldn’t you want the atmosphere to stay so you can breath and you wouldn’t want animals to become extinct. So save energy!

    From Ashton πŸ™‚

    • Ashton, you continue to surprise and impress me! Well done on another outstanding blog comment. You have answered each of the questions carefully and in good detail. Keep up the amazing work.
      Miss Hunichen

  2. Hi Miss Hunichen,

    I love the idea of Energy Week. Layers day, Ride and Walk to school day and Miss Wencels Dance Club. I can’t wait for next year. (Maybe one of us might be Mr. Thermometer next year.) I think that Energy Week could be more often. We only get all the fun once a year why not 2 or 3 times a year.

    I agree with Ashton when he says how we can keep warm without using that much electricity. And thanks Ashton for telling me what green house gases are. I really like the way that Ashton gave reasons why we should save energy what i say to that is. DON’T MELT THE ICE, SAVE THE ANIMALS AND SAVE ENERGY!

    Thanks from Kim πŸ™‚

  3. Dear Miss Hunichen and anyone reading,
    I hope you are having a wonderful time looking at all our posts on our new blogs! I think the whole process of blogging is fantastic & fun! On my blog I currently have lots of posts, pages and links, so please visit it and leave me a comment.
    I loved energy week as well, and I know that the majority of the class would agree with Ashton and I! I thought it was exciting that each day of the week we had a fun activity to do in the gym. Next year, I suggest that we do the same thing, because I really enjoyed it! The only downside of the week was that we only had 4 days to rug up, and I would have liked another opportunity to save energy with the rest of NGPS!
    Some of the ways to save energy are to keep doors and windows open in summer, but closed in winter. Turn all electricity devises off when not in use so that we don’t waste energy.
    I hope that everyone enjoyed energy week, and that next year it is the same (or even better!)
    From Ruby πŸ™‚

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