Passive Energy Houses

Today concluded the building phase of our Passive Energy House project. We have spent an hour and a half every day this week on constructing our homes. There has been plenty of cardboard, polystyrene and masking tape used. Most groups seem to have some sort of home finished in readiness for the testing phase to begin on Monday.

I’m interested to read about your thought on the Passive Energy House project. So Grade 5B, when you are writing your post, I’d like you to think about the following:

– Explaining the task with a focus on what each of the stages has involved, Research, Designing, Planning, Building

– Your own performance, what did you like/not like? What were you good at/ not so good at?

– The skills needed to be an effective team

– How your group has performed, did all members participate equally? Were you able to work together?

– The Habits of the Mind that you needed

– Add any other information that you think might need.