The Bent Back Bridge

Hi Guys,

Your task this afternoon is to write a review for the story ‘The Bent Back Bridge’ written by Gary Crew.


You must include the following:

* A short biography on Gary Crew

* A brief summary of the story

* A discussion about the two main characters – Lola and Janet

* Your explanation on what you think happened at the end of the story

* Your opinion of the book – Did you enjoy it? Why/Why not

* A picture of the front cover

I look forward to reading your reviews. Please post them on your student blogs.

Miss Hunichen

The Six Thinking Hats

Hi Guys,

Congratulations on your presentations last night! I was extremely proud of each and every one of you, you all rose to the occasion and did an excellent job with your presentations. I hope that your parents were proud of you.

Today you will be writing a reflection on the Interview process. You will be required to use the six thinking hats to help you structure your reflection. Looking at the following slideshow will remind you about the purpose of each hat.

As you view each slide make notes in your literacy book about the types of questions you might address.

You will be typing your reflection as a post on your blog. Try to add a relevant picture or two.

I look forward to reading them.